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“We are live with AddThis on our site!! Very exciting. We can’t wait to get started on implementing even more tools on the site to help spread the word and make a more personal experience for our visitors.”, the chic wedding planning site, started using the customizable follow tools to help increase their social reach and engage with more users and grow their business.

"We love trying out new tools as soon as they hit the Pro tool gallery, and more so, we love the results we're getting from them."

CoolStays, the unique travel site that showcases cool locations and types of places to stay, added multiple AddThis tools, including the mobile sharing toolbar increasing their overall sharing by 140%.

"It would be hard for a small team like ours to build a recommendation tool like this, especially backed with the social data from AddThis, so this has been an awesome tool that is helping us build our business."

Merchtable, a small but powerful music focused merchandise site, started using the content recommendation tools on their site and saw a 42% increase in pageviews and 25% increase in gross sales in the first month.