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Exclusive website tools
Mobile-friendly social widgets done right.
Activate tools with one click
Pro makes it easy to add mobile-friendly website tools.
Show relevant content
Increase pageviews up to 8% with content recommendations.
Take control of your content
Pick which page you'd like to promote or hide in your tools.
Get priority support
Jump to the front of the line when you have a question.
Up to 5 domains
Each additional domain after is $2.

Let's get started.

$12 per month.

  • Basic sharing & follow buttons
  • Code-free customization
  • Weekly analytics email
  • Mobile-friendly sharing buttons
  • Premium recommendation widgets
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • Select content to promote in your widgets
  • Priority support


  • Basic sharing & follow buttons
  • Customization requires code
  • Weekly analytics email