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AddThis Slack Integration

The AddThis Slack integration lets you get traffic spike alerts for your website in a Slack channel, so everyone on your team or even at your company can be alerted of sharing, follow, or email sign up spikes. It requires that you have AddThis code installed on your site to work.

To start using the AddThis Pro slack integration you will need to:

1. Create a Slack API authentication token by logging in to your slack account and going to Click “Create Token” – you may have to confirm your password.


2. Log into your AddThis account and use the menu in the top right under your username to go to Account Settings, then click “Slack Notifications.”

3. Check the checkbox to enable Slack notifications and paste the API token login in your AddThis Account Settings along with the slack user handle or slack channel you would like the notifications to go.


AddThis Slack Integration
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