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Newsletter Sharing Buttons

What areĀ Email Newsletter Buttons?

Essentially they are:

    • Sharing buttons that don’t require JavaScript to run

Useful in situations where you don’t have JavaScript, such as email

Uses our sharing endpoints

Can be customized by using your own images

Has analytics that are tracked in the AddThis dashboard, just like the other buttons

Who should use them

    • Anyone who wants to let users share content directly from an email newsletter

Anyone who needs to use AddThis sharing somewhere they can’t use JavaScript

How to use the tool

    • Enter the profile ID you’d like to use, so that you can track the shares

Enter the URL you’d like to share. **NOTE**: You have to use the

Drag the buttons you’d like to use to the right column

Click generate code

Paste the code from the textarea into the HTML source

Drag services from the left to the right

      Newsletter Sharing Buttons
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