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How To Install the AddThis Code on a Wix Site

Check out the tutorial below for our video walkthrough:

Steps to Install AddThis on Wix

1. Login to your AddThis dashboard and find the newsletter sharing buttons. With a Wix site you can only use our newsletter sharing buttons because Wix puts the HTML in an iframe and we can’t add the tools outside an iframe.

Newsletter Sharing Buttons

2. In the newsletter sharing button tool, change the page URL to share” to your website’s URL.
3. Change the Page Title to your site title.
4. Grab the code and copy it.
5. Go into your Wix account and choose the Add option on the left hand side and then choose the HTML code option.

6. Press “Enter Code” and drop the copied code into the paste it here section. Next, you should see the buttons show up in the editor.

7. Press Save, and you’re done!


How To Install the AddThis Code on a Wix Site
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