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How to Install the AddThis Plugin in WordPress

Check out the tutorial below for our video walkthrough of how to install the AddThis WordPress Social Plugins (including share buttons and follow buttons) on your WordPress site:

Login to your WordPress account and your WordPress dashboard.

1. Choose Plugins > Add New

2. Run a search query for “AddThis”. Your search will return a few results, choose the type of tool you wish to add to your site.

3. Click “Install Now

4. Click “Activate plugin

5. In the settings on the left hand side choose “addthis sharing buttons” from the dropdown.

6. Use the toggle on the right to turn on the buttons either above, below etc;

7. Click advanced options where you can dig into deeper customization and where you will find the location to enter you AddThis profile ID.

8. Enter it here and then click “save changes” and your AddThis tools are now ready to activate.


How to Install the AddThis Plugin in WordPress
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Last modified:  March 14th, 2018