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Target and engage audiences with

Smarter Data.

Where most providers focus on a single type of data, our advertising solutions layer multiple data graphs together to create powerful ways for brands and advertisers to find and engage audiences.

Intent Graph
Proprietary data on 8 billion global searches a month gives us aggregated insight into user intent.
Behavior Graph
Proprietary data on 90 billion global actions a month gives us aggregated insight into user behavior.
Social Graph
Proprietary data on 2 billion global social events a month give us insight into social behaviors and connections.
Purchase Graph
Offline sales data on 50 million US households allow us to extend offline audiences online.

The Web's Most Sophisticated Audience Models

AddThis audiences are modeled from multiple graphs of proprietary data across 1.3 billion uniques worldwide. That means, our audiences eliminate waste and reach only your most relevant targets based on intent, behavioral, social and even offline purchase data processed through proprietary XGraph technology. Choose from standard Intent+, Custom Lookalike+, Purchase Graph and Brand Advocate models.

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Full Service Campaign Management

Work with our account management teams directly for maximum efficiency. We're here to help you find the right solutions for your unique campaign goals. Our passionate teams will optimize your campaigns in real-time from beginning to end to ensure you reach your objectives and then some.

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Insights into Your Audiences Across the Web

What sets your audience of engaged users apart from average visitors? Our 30 day look back at your campaigns will give you webwide intelligence on your customers that you can't get anywhere else.

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Ads Designed to Be Shared

Maximize advertising’s social impact by using custom ad units equipped with AddThis sharing functionality. Users can share your ad in one click to over 300 social services. Designed and optimized for maximum virality.

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AddThis at a Glance

The size and scale of our platform means bigger, better data from which to create models, find and target users and provide insight back to you.


views of our tools per day


unique users reached globally
each month


action points seen per user
per month

Size and Scale

AddThis social plugins are used by more than 14 million domains across the web – more than 10X the size of any other provider.

Data Science

Sophisticated XGraph technology processes 300 terabytes of data every day. From there, our Harvard trained data scientists take over to ensure maximum efficacy and efficiency.

Multi-Graph Data

Most audience targeting is based on one type, or graph, of data. AddThis audiences and customer insights are based on intent, site/behavior, social and offline purchase data.

Massive Reach

Our massive scale allows us to reach and understand 1.3 billion unique users across the web - each of whom we see an average of 140 times per month.

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