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Target audiences via the web’s most sophisticated

Audience Models.

Efficient, effective digital campaigns start with audience based buys. Where most audience models leverage a single data source, our audiences use search, site, social and sales data together to create scaled, high-performing campaigns for both DR and brand objectives.

Audiences Based on

  • 1.3 billion unique users per month
  • 253 million unique
    US users per month
  • 140 data points per user per month
  • Proprietary search, site and social data
  • 3rd party offline purchase data

Custom & Standard Audiences for Your Branding & DR Goals

Social Brand Advocates

Millions of people share, post, pin email and follow your brand everyday. Target these people to amplify your brand's message and increase your brand's awareness.

Intent+ Audiences

Segments start with search and are refined with behavioral and social data. Resulting audiences ensure you reach audiences most likely to convert.

Lookalike+ Audiences

Custom models created from your own data. Go beyond retargeting to find audiences across the web that look and act like your proven customers.

Social Impact Campaigns: A Winning Formula

Millions of people love to interact with your brand. AddThis captures them into one audience.

Social Ad Units with free share and follow buttons.

Advocates amplify your brand's message and your brand's awareness.



Name Tree

Interest > Autos > Class > Truck


Reach Auto intenders who are looking for a Truck class vehicle

Meta Keywords

cars, used cars, car dealers, auto dealers, pickup, pickup truck equipment, 4x4 trucks, used trucks, truck accessories, custom wheels, off road tires


Air Travel Enthusiast

Name Tree

Interest > Travel > Air Travel > Air Travel Enthusiast


Travel intenders searching for flights, airports, airlines

Meta Keywords

travel sites, airlines, travel, air fares, hotel reservations, airfare deals, flight deals, rapid rewards, 750 points, enrollment



Name Tree

Interest > Retail > Apparel > Shoes


Reach consumers who are actively shopping for shoes

Meta Keywords

men's, women's, youth, footwear, sports, boots, coupon, discount, new balance shoes, nike, slip resistant shoes, clogs



Name Tree

Interest > Financial > Credit - Lending > Loans


Reach consumers who are searching for Loans & Lending information

Meta Keywords

credit reports, credit scores, identity theft protection, credit bureau, credit score ranges, credit monitoring, bad credit, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, fiscal, nation, gdp


Social Networks

Name Tree

Action > Social > Influencers > Social Networks


Reach social influencers who have shared content to social networks sites

Meta Keywords

Photography, blog, videos, tennis, music, culture, indie, youtube videos, politics, celebrity interviews, mp3, religion, charity fundraising

Example Intent+ Segments

Here's a quick look at some of our available Intent+ audience segments. More than 700 standard segments are available including audiences of influencers, brand advocates and relevant purchase history.

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US households

Real-time audiences

Our audiences are based on real-time behaviors, allowing advertisers to target users as soon as they exhibit the desired intent and behavior.

Provide lift for multiple objectives

AddThis reaches users across all stages of the purchase funnel. Historical campaign lifts range from 2X-10X.

Maximize virality with influencers

Target most socially active users with a large network of followers most likely to share your message.

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