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Web-wide insights on your audience show what

Sets Your Customers Apart.

Our massive web footprint and sophisticated data science capabilities allow us to gather unique insights into web activity like no one else can:

Distinguish what sets your audience apart from the average web user

Activate and target audiences based on data-driven decisions

Use insights to plan media, messages and strategy

Customer Insights Reports Provide

A 360 view of your audience

Identify your most engaged audience

First, we create a 30 day look back at the audience that engaged with your campaign and create a custom model of your most responsive prospects. We call these brand responders.

What sets them apart?

Through a combination of automated and human optimization we use ranked web signals to find characteristics unique to your specific brand responders.

Make data-driven decisions

Use this insight into what your most engaged audiences are like across the web to activate current users and target new prospects.

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