Use a Niche Social Network, Like Fancy, to Engage Your Audience


It’s old news that digital marketers use social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to engage their audience. Niche social media sites are growing in popularity and allow marketers to connect with a more specific audience who have a known set of interests and hobbies. Fancy, a social e-commerce network, is successfully helping businesses find their target audience, and proving that smaller networks can have the power of the social media giants. Continue reading

Make Derek Jeter the Captain of Your Content This Week


It’s the Yankee Captain’s last series of games this week, and fans have poured onto the web to express their feelings, good and bad, about Derek Jeter’s farewell. Brands have also jumped on the sentimental bandwagon (which is called trendacking) by releasing exposé interviews and videos in homage of Jeter’s career—and you should, too. Jeter’s ends his career as shortstop in Boston this Sunday, September 28th. You’ve got three days. Continue reading

Before Launching an Ad Campaign, Think Cross-Device


On a typical weeknight, I can be found glued to my couch watching past episodes of Mad Men while tweeting about it on my phone and reading news headlines on my tablet. Occasionally I’ll browse the internet on my laptop, but that’s only if the tablet needs to be charged. But I’m not the only one multitasking on my devices. Your audience is doing the same thing, so improve your strategy by adding mobile, tablet, and phone to your traditional ad campaigns. Continue reading

Webinar: The Power of a Conversion


Join us on October 15th at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST) to chat about a topic that’s not only relevant, but it’s extremely timely as we head into one of the busiest search and online traffic times of the year: the holiday season!

Your AddThis hosts, Justin Thorp, Product Evangelist, and Shannon Madlin, Director of Product Marketing, will discuss the lifecycle of your customer as well as the importance of having clear conversion goals set for your business. We’ll provide tips and insights on how you can achieve those goals quickly and efficiently.

The space is limited so make sure to register today!

Tips, Lists, and Clever Headlines: A Recipe for Getting Engagement


There’s no shortage of fitness articles and healthy recipes on the Internet, and no shortage of ideas for what makes a great content strategy that gets you engagement. We learned that the most popular content had characteristics you can use on your website—for any topic you publish about. So this fall, publish more lists with tips, unique news angles, and helpful educational content both in writing and video. Continue reading

The Value of a Follower for Your Site


Just how valuable are followers to your content strategy? We did some research to look at different kinds of engagement behaviors—such as scrolling, clicking, and sharing—and how they correlate to increasing followers and conversions. We also looked for a connection between where a visitor came from (for instance, a search or social “click” referral) or what device they used. Followers proved to be of tremendous value for websites. Continue reading