Our Selfie Contest Shows #AddThisLife

The winning selfie!

The AddThis team decided it was time to close out summer in style with a selfie contest! We had team members post their fun, funky, and wild self-portraits on Instagram under the hashtag #AddThisLife. The response was great! And we got to see how the team has fun both in and out of the office! Continue…

The Value of a Follower for Your Site


Just how valuable are followers to your content strategy? We did some research to look at different kinds of engagement behaviors—such as scrolling, clicking, and sharing—and how they correlate to increasing followers and conversions. We also looked for a connection between where a visitor came from (for instance, a search or social “click” referral) or what device they used. Followers proved to be of tremendous value for websites. Continue…

Halloween Proves Contests Can Increase Brand Awareness


Halloween kicks off the Fall holiday season, and social media is already buzzing with costume trends, recipe ideas, and pumpkin carving tips. Americans are expected to spend nearly $3 billion in costumes, and over $300 million on pet costumes! We saw Petco take advantage of this trend last year, showing us that audiences love contests! Using Petco as an example, here are reasons why you should consider running a contest to engage your audience. Continue…

Content Strategy 101: Getting Started


When you approach how you communicate online—whether on your website, through email, in social media, via videos—it’s important to have a strategy. And not just any old strategy; you need a content strategy. Like that popular saying goes, “Content is King” (and we don’t mean Jimmy Fallon, in this case). It’ll be what drives engagement with your viewers, readers, subscribers, and visitors. Here’s an overview to help you get started with your content strategy. Continue…

Apple Watch and iPhone 6: How New Tech Will Change Your Content Strategy


Starting on September 12th—that’s this Friday—Apple fans will preorder their new gadget, getting it in their hands as early as next week. Revelations from today’s highly anticipated Apple event has fans drooling for the next iPhone and Apple Watch. But you, oh website owner and blogger, have the chance to make a change in your content and business strategy to adapt to this newly forming trend. Here are three things from today’s Apple announcement you should start thinking about. Continue…

Problems Sharing on iOS Facebook App


Update – As of the 8:48 AM on September 11th, some of our users are still reporting seeing this bug. We’re working with Facebook and hoping they’ll fix this as quickly as possible.

Over the weekend we heard from several of you about issues sharing with the Facebook iOS app and URLs with anchors, which AddThis uses for click and address bar tracking. Facebook seems to be using a kind of URL forwarder in the iOS app that isn’t correctly decoding the %23 in the URL into a #. This is causing URLs to 404 because the resource they’re looking for doesn’t have that name. We’ve reached out to Facebook about this issue. Continue…