From All of Us, to All of You, Happy Thanksgiving


This year has flown by, and we’re grateful for everything we’ve been able to accomplish. Though 2014 isn’t over yet, we did want to pause and say thank you to all of our users for joining our community and helping us grow.

Our offices will be closed today and tomorrow, but we’ll be back in action on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Folks Are Looking for Tips on Traveling on Thanksgiving. Got Content?


Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday. In fact, 46 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this week. Everyone’s mostly concerned with how the weather will affect their travel, followed by content on how to find the best flight deals and dealing with travel logistics (anyone planning a long car ride with kids?). If you’re already offering this type of content on your site, you’re set. Continue reading

Do Online Reviews Matter? Yes, They Do.


There are plenty of articles out there verifying the importance of online reviews to a customer in their decision making process. You don’t have to go too far to find that stat either. Last month we published an infographic about the path to car buying, and we found that a majority of car buyers (45%) trust online reviews the most in their decision making. We took it a step further this time, and checked out how influential these online reviews really are. And what greater signal than the fact that people are searching for them? Continue reading

6 Things that Recently Inspired Our UX/Design Team


Our UX team recently started a new tradition. Every Thursday for half an hour, we host “Lightning Rounds” where we share cool softwares, apps, or anything new that we’re into—whether or not it’s related to design. It gives us a chance to show what we’re passionate about, both related to work and in our personal lives. Check out some of the cool apps discovered this past month. Continue reading

Whether Stores Are Open or Closed on Thanksgiving, Everyone Loves a Good Sale


The issue of whether stores should or shouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving has been an increasingly popular topic around the holiday. So much so, groups have formed to support stores that close to let their employees spend time with their families or just enjoy a nice day off. Either way, the data shows that most Americans are more passionate about the sales stores—open or closed on Thanksgiving—will have on Black Friday. Continue reading

Top Thanksgiving Recipes, Crafts, and Events Shared Online


Most everyone’s busy getting ready for hosting (or attending) a Thanksgiving dinner, and as always, they’re using the Web to find and share ideas. From November 1st through 13th, we saw tons of people printing online content, and as expected, sharing pie recipes. Two secret ingredients to their virality: they are all printer-friendly and have share buttons. Read on to see what those delicious recipes are! Continue reading