AddThis Launches Public Beta

Last week we officially launched our new product at the prestigious DEMOfall 2006 conference. The event was a blast, so many new ideas and products, so many great people, and so much attention. We really recommend attending or presenting at this conference.We took the stage, like 67 other pre-selected companies did, and demoed AddThis to a crowd of tech journalists and investors. One great thing about DEMO is that is offers its presenters a level playing field. Big companies or small, all have exactly 6 minutes to present their product.

Each company also has a booth (all the same size) where they can futher demo their product or technology to attendees. A lot of people came to ours, many were very curious about AddThis.

This week we are launching our public beta. We already have several beta partners, with and among the biggest. If your company is interested in becoming a beta partner for AddThis, drop us a note.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have participated in our private beta. Your feedback played a key role in the launch of AddThis.

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