AddThis Update: Web Site Redesign and New Forum, Analytics, Optimization, and Localization

Friends, first let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Thorp. I’m the Community Manager at Clearspring Technologies, the parent company of AddThis. Going forward, I will be working with Dom to help let you know about all the exciting developments planned for the AddThis sharing platform.

We’ve been heads down on adding and improving AddThis features. We want you to have the best tool possible for sharing your bookmarks and favorite Web pages.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a bunch of new features. Here’s a rundown:

Web Site Redesign & New Forum

First off, we’ve had our design and user-experience brain trust give the Web site a fresh coat of paint.  We hope that you like the new design. We want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to be able to grab/customize the AddThis button and view your stats.

When you go to view your reports, you’ll see that we’ve redesigned them too. We’ve put in all-new charts, which look hot and animate in a fun way, besides being way faster to generate than our old charts.  We’ve also added a forum. This is to better serve you and help you find answers to your problems. Hopefully this will also be a center of community and innovation around sharing, using the AddThis platform.


We’ve integrated Clearspring’s analytics platform into AddThis. This means our analytics are going to be much faster and more reliable. Going forward, we’ll be able to collect more data and thus generate more reports that will show you how your content is getting shared across the Web.


Our engineers have been working hard to optimize the AddThis sharing button. We want the button and menu to load as fast as possible. When your Web site or blog is getting viewed by a lot of people, every millisecond counts.  The button code is now just 3K at load time and only 17K once the user hovers and interacts with the menu. This continues to put us far ahead of the competition in regards to giving you the features you want, using the least amount code possible.


AddThis has also become a bit more worldly. We’ve recently added support for the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Taiwanese.

The Future & Feedback

Again, we are focused on making sure that AddThis has the best features possible. In order to do this, we’re depending on your feedback. Please join us in the forums to discuss the future! You can also reach me personally at

  • Love the new design! This is actually the first I’ve heard about you guys joining the Clearspring team. I guess I should follow your blog a bit more closely.

    Anyway, congrats, and I look forward to hearing more about this ‘universal sharing platform’ in the future!

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  • Joe

    I must say the new site design is excellent.

    Nice and crisp, clear and easy to use. Great stuff. Alsowell done on speeding up the button too, good news!


  • foO

    taaaaaaaaaasty ;)

  • I have been trying out your script – seems like you still have some kinks to iron out!

    1. The add to favourites tool and submit to Slashdot tool both do not work on IE. There might be others, but I only tried these two.

    2. The email tool does not understand Unicode – if the user types non-ascii characters, they are transmitted garbled.

    3. As it stands, AddThis email could be used for impersonation (which is why I am still debating whether to include it on my site). You should provide an option to authenticate the email-sender, or even disallow user-entered sender address, but let the hosting site supply a sender email instead.

  • Oh, and if the submission title contains non-ASCII characters, then it is also shown borked on the accounts page (I just checked). urlEncode-ing does not help either.

  • This is a nice change. Like it more than it was.

  • @fdask, joe, and middle east business news – Glad you enjoy the new design

    @Foo – love you man!

    @Amit – I really appreciate your feedback and bug reports. I’ll make sure that it gets to the right folks.

  • I love the redesign,use it for a time,It seems good

  • Addthis is sooo cool :)

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • I think your new design looks “super”………..I can’t wait to try your new features on the site.

  • Really Nice ! Good Job !

  • a nice implementation

  • Great job in your new design…………cool

  • I loved the older design better, yet this one is more bright and coherent, kudos :)

  • Neil Cox

    Very eye-catching!

  • lorenzo piscioli

    very good!


    Traslochi Novara

  • Damien Porczak

    Not always redisign making sense and helps to make profit. It happens often that people start to say “it was better when it was old”