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Moving To An Even Better Infrastructure…

Last week, we mentioned how we had moved our SSL-supporting AddThis code over to an even stronger infrastructure, the content delivery network Akamai. Well, as of today, all AddThis code (SSL supporting and non-supporting) is now being served from Akamai.

We realize that putting a piece of third party JavaScript on your Web site, like AddThis, takes a bit of faith in us. Well you can rest assured that we’re putting the money and resources behind giving you guys the best infrastructure we can get.

Can’t get much better than Akamai. It’s what we’ve used to serve up the distributed assets for the Clearspring widget platform, so we have a great relationship together. (Note: Clearspring is the parent company of AddThis.)

Hopefully you’re noticing that the AddThis button is loading even speedier then usual.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to the wrestler downloaddrop us a line. Comment on this post, start a topic in the forum, or e-mail me personally –

  • Damien

    Some of my colleagues have experienced problems using AddThis over HTTPS in the past because AddThis occasionally served up insecure content, causing the browser to raise an alert. Does the move to Akamai have anything to do with trying to solve this bug?

  • @Damien, thanks so much for the comment. The problems that they were having was part of a small issue that has been resolved. More info here: With the move to Akamai, you absolutely shouldn’t be seeing this ever again.

  • I always blamed Internet Explorer for the trouble….

  • I never use Explorer .It’s so slow for me…Firefox is better