Testing Slight UI Tweaks

Hey guys, as we’ve mentioned before, we’re constantly looking to test ways that we can improve the sharing experience so that we can get you more shares.

One example that we’ve talked about is the difference between having the compact menu appear on hover versus on click. When we tested it, we found that having the compact menu appear on hover gives a MUCH higher share rate. So… of course, we went with on hover.

Well, we have a few more very small user interface tweaks to the compact menu that we’d like to test. They’re pretty minor changes. We’re only going to show the tweaks on a very very very small percentage of menu views. It’s just enough to let us know whether or not the changes will move the needle for you guys.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. As I said, our goal is to get you guys more shares. We’re all a team in this effort. My e-mail address is –

  • I liked if before with the smaller font better. It was cuter. I know, big font is easier to read, but I feel that now it looks a bit slightly too much “into your face.” I mean, now the letters are competing with the icons…

  • Martin, thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi,

    I update my site with you plugin, works great and have received good feedback on how it works.

    Big fonts are great for my sudoku people.