Vote for our SXSW Panels

It’s that time of year again. One of the biggest conferences in the Web industry, South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, has published their list of proposals for next year’s (2010) conference in their Panel Picker Web application and is asking the world to vote on who they think should be included.

Can you spare 5 minutes, check out our panels, and give them a vote? We’d really appreciate it.

Here’s the list…

Thanks so much for your vote.

Are you going to SXSW? If so, drop us a comment. We’d love to meetup with as many folks as possible.

Note: This was also published on the Clearspring blog.  (Clearspring is the parent company of AddThis.)

  • I went and read them but don’t want to sign up for yet another site just to take part. It would be nice if they had an option of just doing it like commenting here.

    As to “Government, Meet the People (Online)” it seems to have just been turned into yet another spin gimmick rather than being more open and honest with us. On the White House page on Facebook I made repeated efforts to take part in the discussion that President Obama kept inviting us to and yet there was never any sign whatsoever of anyone of his staff joining in, rather just posting only the points that make their case and ignoring legitimate issues such as the many failings already in agencies like Social Security. It doesn’t do any good to write through the contact form either as even when you check the “response requested” there is never a direct response from anyone on the White House staff!

  • @Randall, thanks for your comment. I realize that you have to register to vote, which is a bummer but… :-/ Think you could do it this one for us? :-)

    Thanks for the feedback on Gov 2.0. Personally, I agree with you. I think these are the types of comments, questions, and feedback that it’d be great to have at the panel.

  • @Justin – you guys went the extra mile for me when was having the link problem so yes, I will do the same and go ahead an sign up but only have time to contribute on the gov 2.0 part.