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Formal Fridays

Now, at just about every office in the DC area, you’ll most likely see men and woman wearing suits in every direction that you turn. Well, buried in the heart of McLean, Virginia, just outside of the Beltway with the world’s largest concentration of government contractors, is a stronghold of startup culture. It’s Clearspring’s World Corporate Headquarters. (Note: Clearspring is the parent company of AddThis.)

Most offices in DC will take a break from wearing suits on Fridays and dress a little bit more casual. Well, at Clearspring, we’re pretty casual all the time. We think people do the best work when they’re comfortable being themselves. So… to have a little fun, we have turned the Friday tradition on it’s head and have Formal Fridays. On Fridays, we all wear suits. Well, most do.

Not to get all gooshy but it’s this kind of light hearted yet serious atmosphere that’s created by the amazing people I work with, which helps makes it fun to come into the office everyday.

Yes, Cyrus (smiley guy in the front) is holding a Dalek. Yep, we’re that geeky. Oh, of all the smiling faces in the photo above, take a guess at who the leader of this merry band of suited rebels is. stick out tongue

Enjoy more photos…

  • Jay

    In Atlanta, everyone is business casual every day and most apps dev shops are completely casual every day. I agree with this idea and I do think it increases productivity.

  • On the picture, two beard guys are still looking casual! Boooo! :-)
    J/K. Good job, guys! You set the trend!

  • I love this! What a great idea. As an Image Consultant I will tell you that the trends are changing. You are on top of the trend so keep up the good work!

  • I love addThis. I am really inspired from great & innovative ideas. I added your button to all of my websites. Thanks team. This is possible by your hard work !!

  • Misty Lane

    Not a lot of gender diversity there it seems. Is it tough to been the only woman there (only one pictured). Or, maybe it is very easy.

  • We’ve been doing this at Lohnes+Wright in Oakland since 2006. It’s awesome. We do the last Friday of every month and sometimes meet for drinks after work with our Formal Friday friends who have an office down the street.

  • When I was reading your post it struck me that ‘doing things differently’ to everyone else is probably one of the main reasons you guys are so successful.

  • misma

    I agree with this idea

  • Awesome.

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