Sharing Your Shopping from Cyber Monday

Monday, after the long Thanksgiving break, we all slogged back to work and while at work, started to buy online all the new toys and gizmos that we want to give and get this holiday season. Yes, it was Cyber Monday.

Well, we looked at 15 of the top e-commerce sites that use AddThis to see if there was any interesting data that popped up. We found a few interesting nuggets…

  • From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, there was a 78% increase in sharing on those e-commerce sites.
  • The top 5 services for those e-commerce sites were E-mail, Facebook, Print, Google Bookmarks, and Delicious.
  • From the previous Monday to Cyber Monday, e-commerce related services like Amazon Wishlist and Kaboodle both saw ~20-25% increases in usage.
  • james cameron avatar

We’re going to continue to keep an eye on this as the holiday season progresses. We’ll let you know what we see.