AddThis now supports widget sharing

AddThis Supports Widgets and Web Pages

Today, we are happy to announce that AddThis now supports widget, or embeddable-content, sharing in addition to Web page sharing. Clearspring created the first widget-sharing platform, Launchpad. We have taken the best features from Launchpad and are making them available via AddThis. The result is a faster-loading, easier-to-implement platform that can share and track both widgets and Web pages. And best of all, it’s free!

In fall 2008, Clearspring acquired AddThis, the number one bookmarking and sharing service for Web pages. Our vision was to establish a universal sharing platform for the Web – a single platform empowering online publishers and advertisers to enable their users to share any content (widgets, Web pages, etc.) with anyone, anywhere.

It is so exciting to be taking such a big leap toward that vision. AddThis is our universal sharing platform.

Over the next several months, Launchpad users will be joining the AddThis Community. As they do so, we will continue to improve our ability to share widget content with more destinations, analytics and other great features.

It’s been a tremendous year. AddThis now reaches over 600 million users across the world, up from just 200 million last year. We now support over 200 total services and 50 languages, all with the help of our amazing community.

Thank you for your continued support. We’re excited to see what the next year will bring.

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