People Love Sharing With the New AddThis Toolbar


A couple of weeks ago we launched an update to our AddThis browser extensions for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. For Firefox users, this update introduced the option of sharing with AddThis using a browser toolbar.

Like most of us in the office, I love sharing links with friends and posting them to my favorite online services. With the new AddThis Toolbar, I can do it all with just one click. It’s pretty awesome.

Well, after a few weeks of these new browser extensions being out in the world, we’re excited to report that they have been a big success. For Firefox users specifically, we’ve seen a 3x increase in sharing from the previous version of the add-on. Plus, someone with the new AddThis toolbar shares 39x more often than the average AddThis user.

Website publishers, this is great for you. When people share more often, that means they’re sharing your content more often and your content is getting exposed to even more new users.

As we’ve said before, our goal is to make it easy for anyone to share anything, anywhere. We’re excited to evolve these sharing tools and make them even better. Stay tuned!

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Do you use one of the many other browsers? Well, we love you, too. Have you seen AddThis for Chrome or the AddThis Bookmarklets?