Sharing to Google Buzz Using AddThis

The Web is all a flutter over the recent launch of Google’s most recent foray into the Social Web, Google Buzz. Within hours of my friends getting access, they all wanted to know if they could share to Google Buzz using AddThis. I’m pleased to say the answer is yes.

Within Google Buzz, just make sure that Google Reader is listed as one of your “Connected Sites”. Then, when you share to Google Readerthat link will show up in your Google Buzz feed. It’s that easy.

This means that you’ll be able to share articles to Google Buzz from any of the over 600,000 websites that have integrated AddThis. There’s no need to add an extra button to your page. If you have AddThis, you’re ready to go.

You could also share to Google Reader and thus Google Buzz from our Internet ExplorerFirefox, or Chrome browser extensions.

In the meantime, we’re looking into ways that we can more directly integrate. We’ll report back when we have more information.

  • Jack

    I’d like to share stuff on Yahoo Updates – any reason you don’t make this available? They’ve been operational for over a year…

  • @Jack, thanks so much for the feedback. It’s definitely something that we’ll look into.

  • Look promising. Looking forward to that buzz button without using the Google Reader option!

  • Ya’ll need to hurry up with the official integration of Google Buzz. All the other services like this one already have that little buzz bubble on their lists.

  • @Chris, we’re definitely working on it. Which services that you’ve seen already have integration?

  • TechCrunch has a similar button as well.

  • @Shaya, yep. It’ does exactly the same thing. It just shares to Google Reader.

  • @justin – I think the question is this: Will AddThis make it possible to display the Buzz icon and name in the services list, instead of the google reader icon? A wider range of users will likely be interested in Buzz than in google reader.

  • Wow, amazing writing structure!