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Our Plans with OExchange…

As I’m sure that you saw, today we announced our work to establish the open sharing protocol OExchange. With the help of many industry leaders, we’ve designed a common way for sharing tools (like AddThis) to discover and send content to any service (social networks, social media sites, etc).

In a world where everyone supports OExchange, your content could really get shared anywhere, regardless whether that service or social network has 40 or 400 million users. If your users want to share your content to a small online forum, that’s great! If your users want to share your content a massive social network, that’s great too.

We’re going to be rolling out full support for OExchange in future versions of the AddThis sharing platform so that you can start reaping the benefits. As you know, we’re committed to getting you the maximum distribution of your content. This is just a part of that.

If you want more information, check out the OExchange website or watch our video below…