New Features: New Services (including QZone and Vkontakte), Desktop Support, and 32 x 32 Icons

Things are definitely a buzz over here at HQ. There’s so many cool things going on with the AddThis sharing platform. With this recent release, we’re adding a bunch of odds and ends that we’ve been working on…

New Services Incuding Qzone, Vkontakte, and Others

We’re adding support for sharing to the popular Chinese social network QZone, which has over 200 million users, and popular Russian social network Vkontakte (listed as, which has over 75 million users.

Additionally, we’re adding support for the following services:, Abruzzopedia,, All My Faves, Bentio, BiggerPockets, Blogtrottr, Boardlite, BookmarkedByUs, Bookmerken, dwellicious, thinkfinity, twitthis. You can start sharing to any of these services starting immediately. Publishers, you don’t have to do anything new to unlock this capability for your users.

See all 300+ services that you can share to with AddThis in our AddThis Service Directory.

Desktop Widget Support

In addition to making websites shareable, AddThis can also be integrated into Flash widgets – we’re seeing increased adoption of this everyday. Today, we’re adding support for sharing widgets to your desktop through Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets or Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets.

32 x 32 Icon Toolbox

We’ve found that if you have a bigger interface for sharing then you’ll receive more shares. Makes total sense. Right? Well, that’s why we’re releasing a 32 pixel x 32 pixel-sized icons for the AddThis Toolbox. You can see it and grab it right now in our gallery.

Would Love Your Feedback

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