AddThis Supports New Twitter Sharing and Tweet Button

Today, we’re excited to be a launch partner for Twitter’s brand new sharing experience and Tweet button.

Twitter has been working hard to improve their sharing experience. They’ve streamlined the process to make sharing easier, and, all shared links will be automatically shortened with Twitter’s new URL shortener. All current AddThis integrations already support this new Twitter sharing experience. There’s nothing that you need to change to take advantage of Twitter’s enhanced experience.

Secondly, much like our support for other third party sharing buttons, if you’ve already got AddThis on your website then with just an extra line of code you’ll be able to add Twitter’s new Tweet button to your site.

The Tweet button includes a comprehensive count of how many times your URL has been shared on Twitter. Additionally, using the AddThis Client API, you’ll be able to pass information to Twitter to get features like a suggestion to follow you on Twitter after a share occurs.

Everyday there are exciting new developments in the Social Web which help get your content in front of new and bigger audiences. With AddThis, you can have confidence that we’re always on top of the latest developments and support exciting new options as fast as we can.

Let us know what you think of this new Twitter sharing and Tweet button support. Drop us a comment on this blog post, post in our forum, or e-mail me directly. –

  • Knapp

    I’d like to list the tweet button with counter and also add a safety net of backup services using the addthis_button_preferred class.

    If the tweet button is added specifically, is there a way to block the addition of a redundant tweet button in the button_preferred classes?

  • @Knapp, you can exclude Twitter from appearing in the menu using this API…

  • Jacob

    I am using AddThis for WordPress, When I am using the Tweet button, how can I make it refer to me not the @AddThis twitter account?

  • Kori Hill

    @Jacob – You have to edit your code in the Advanced area. Here is what you add under the Standard w/ Customized Via part –

  • My twitter counter button is still not working. I contacted addthis and they asked me for the url etc but then they did not reply back. I am very disappointed of such outcome. Does this mean that addthis canont give me an explanation of this ‘error’?

    do i need to change a code or what since no one seems to know!

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Maria – did you post your URL in our tech support forum? We had a holiday in the US yesterday so I’m sure your post will be getting answer soon but in the meantime, please feel free to send me details about your issue –