New AddThis Menu for Easy iPad, iPhone, and Android Web Sharing

Today, we’re excited to announce a new version of the AddThis sharing menu for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Google Android. Now, when you’re surfing the Web on one of these mobile devices and find an article you want to share, you’ll find a menu that’s much easier to use on a touch interface. This feature is automatically available to all of our publishers.

The success of these mobile devices is undeniable. For example, the day the Apple iPad became available most of us at the office were at home waiting for the UPS guy, or at the Apple store waiting in line. Apple has ignited a ton of interest around the touch interface, with which we’re committed to making sharing easy.

With AddThis, we’re committed to make it easy to share, regardless of what you’re using (desktop or mobile). In the near term, we’re going to continue to roll out new features, experiments, and products that help to tackle the problem of making mobile sharing easier.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about mobile sharing and AddThis, definitely drop us a line. –

Here’s AddThis for the iPad:

Here’s AddThis for the iPhone:

  • Please make it a little more less data eater. Makes my browser and GPRS slow.

  • ikbenben

    Is there a link to details on how to implement this? Or do we just implement as we normally would and the code uses UserAgent to detect it is a mobile website and renders it appropriately?

  • Yep, just do it as you normally do it.

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  • Good

  • seo

    Thanks for the great blog. Hope you wont mind if I trackback to it. I think other bloggers are going to want to get into this.

  • AddThis is a great addition to iphones. This makes iphone much more practical.Mobile phones and other devices are now much more powerful that PCs from the past. Now because of AddThis and similar innovations gadgets would be as comfortable as computers.

  • nice :)

  • This version of the AddThis sharing menu is very useful for my iPhone!

  • ahmed metwali

    Hi , translation is not working for Iphone , Can you please provide ant tips and tricks for that