AddThis Android App Makes Mobile Sharing Easy

Today, we’re excited to launch a new project within AddThis Labs: the AddThis Android App. When you download it to your Android phone, it integrates AddThis sharing right into the phone’s native user experience. Simply long press any link on your device, touch “Share page” and AddThis will help you share to any of the ~300 social networks, online tools, and services that we support.

Those of us with Android phones have become addicted to the AddThis Android App. Now when we’re reading anything our phones, like while waiting in line at the coffee shop, it’s easy to save that article for later or quickly share it with a friend.

As this is just a labs project for now, we’d like to get as much feedback as possible. Drop a comment on this blog post or e-mail me. –

And… as we’ve mentioned before, this is just the beginning of our journey into mobile sharing. For example, we’ve optimized the AddThis sharing menu for Android, iPhone, and iPad. So, when you’re surfing the Web it should be a lot easier to use AddThis on those platforms. We’re also looking at how AddThis can be easily integrated into mobile applications. Expect more soon…

Here’s a video of the AddThis Android App in action…

  • JDA

    I am just learning to build android apps. I want to build an app (for android and eventually iphone) that can send a web page link via addThis without involving the android browser and without users having to download the addThis app. I guess my app would pass a url to an addThis class, and/or (if possible) I could bundle the addThis app with my app so that they would download at the same time. I cannot expect my users to download addThis on their own, but I still want to provide a sharing mechanism and I’d prefer not to build one from scratch and maintain it.

  • Charlie Reverte

    Hi JDA, thanks for the note. We’re working on an app integration solution for Android as well as iOS apps. I think it will do exactly what you need, stay tuned for updates. In the mean time, if you have any designs or use case-specifics I’d be happy to take a look at them. You can email them to me at