AddThis Stats from Super Bowl 2011

Like many people across the United States, I was glued to the television last night to watch the 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Being that I’m not a huge sports fan, I was more excited by the commercials then I was by the game.

Additionally, we were keeping a pretty close eye on the AddThis data on how people were sharing and searching for the brands that advertised.  Because AddThis is on over 8 million domains and is loaded over 2.3 billion times per day, we’re able to get a pretty unique perspective into the activities of users across the Web.

Here are sharing and search graphs that we pulled from activity that happened during the game…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

Here are two graphs which show percent changes in searching and sharing about some of the brands that advertised…

(Click the graphs to see them larger.)

  • Totes Boots

    Very useful statistics (although the Super Bowl sucked this year) and the Chrysler 200 is not a luxury car like they stated in the commercial. Awesome analytics though!

  • Justin Thorp

    @Totes Boots – Thanks!

  • Tobias Fox

    Wow, pretty impressive figures thanks for sharing. Do you think that pepsi won the sharing competition because people think those clips where more worth to share? Or how do you interpret those numbers precisely?

  • Justin Thorp

    @Tobias, we’re not sure what directly caused them. I do remember Pepsi Max having quite a few ads.

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  • Joe Parts

    I never knew those kinds of statistics could be tracked. Now I’m curious to find out what will be stats for this years Super Bowl.

  • Sumon Rahman

    Excellent content and easy to realize story.

  • wow afk bot

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