Data from Last Night’s Oscars

Like the rest of the world, we were glued to our televisions to see who’d take home Oscar gold at the Academy Awards last night.

The AddThis sharing platform provides sharing and social analytics to more than 8MM sites and over 1B unique users monthly.  So, we’re able to have our finger on the pulse of activity on the Web.

While watching the show, we kept an eye on which actors and movies were getting shared about and searched for. Here are some interesting data points that we found…

  • Neil Moore

    It would be interesteing to see the scales, e.g. to get a feel for the number of shares, searches etc.

  • Wonder how this data makes Jeff Bridges feel? Bummer, for him and True Grit, but he won last year. Share the wealth!

  • True Grit was awesome, but King’s Speech was pretty amazing.

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  • Interesting to say the least. But votes are votes and people change their perceptions more than their underwear.

  • LMAO @ Charlie Sheen killing everyone at the Oscars in searches.

  • MJH

    True Grit was a flatter, drabber, less humorous film, compared to the original. The Social Network was just another jealous attempt at hollywood miscreants portraying new media wizkids to be stereotypical nerds, using flat charactures. Hell, the dialog wasn’t even up to snuff. My daughter cringed at the all-too-obvious Ariadne in Inception. Black Swan was way over the top – who cares whether a diva loses her mind? Artsy-fartsy crapola… The King’s Speech was a moving and witty meeting of minds between classes, joyous and triumphant without all the fanfare of a Chariots of Fire… Human. Toy Story 3 was Oscar worthy, as a best picture nominee, not just as animated film. I still have more films to see, but was glad my choice, King’s Speech won.

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