AddThis for WordPress plugin version 2.0.3

EDIT: Some themes lacked the proper hooks for us to work properly. We added in some additional code to help make sure those themes could still take advantage of our plugin and thus have now released 2.0.3.

We are proud to announce that we have just released version 2.0.2 2.0.3 of the AddThis for WordPress plugin. This version includes multiple fixes and some enhancements to customized versions of what you see.

Enhanced Template Tag

To take advantage of our enhanced template tag, you just need to add the following code to your theme:

do_action('addthis_widget',$url , $title, style);

Url is the url that you want to share, title is the title you want to pass with the share, and style is the AddThis style. Take a look at the $addthis_new_styles array inside addthis_social_widget.php for a list of the styles. Another option is to pass an array for creating a custom toolbox. To do this, just create an array like the following and pass that as the $style.

$customAddThis = array(
    'size' => '16', // size of the icons.  Either 16 or 32
    'services' => 'hyves,joliprint', // the services you want to always appear
    'preferred' => '8', // the number of auto personalized services
    'more' => true // if you want to have a more button at the end 

Custom Toolboxes

You can now select custom as the option for which AddThis widget you want to display. This will allow you to choose the size of your toolbox, the services that you want to always appear at the start of the toolbox, the number of auto personalized services, and if you want to include our iconic orange share button.

WordPress has a tradition of each release having a haiku, so I present to you:

AddThis for WordPress
Easier to make your own
Sharing made simpler

Now head on over to The WordPress plugin repository and grab this update. You can also check out our other WordPress Social Plugins.

  • Peter Fleming

    Just installed the new version and it has removed the margin between text/graphics and the AddThis button when browsing with Google Chrome.

  • Hi Peter,

    You can adjust the margins around the button with CSS. For example:
    . addthis_toolbox{ margin-bottom:5px;}
    Adds an extra five pixels below the sharing icons.

  • Peter Fleming

    Hi Aaron,

    So do I put the code in the page’s html or one of the two plugin CSS files – addthis.css or options-page.css?



  • Yakov

    Using Atahualpa theme with plugin 2.0.4, and options “Show on excerpts:” unchecked, and both “Above/below the post” unchecked.

    Problem: on the homepage, above the post, it displays the unclickable text “Share” instead of a toolbox; no toolbox below the post at all. Same effect when using option “Show on excerpts:” checked. Any idea what is going wrong? Thanks..

  • Yakov

    … sorry, failed to tell this happens when the post is an excerpt (has a [Continue reading…] at the end).

  • You can also select your desired style in the settings and use the following to display it.

    do_action(‘addthis_widget’,$url , $title, ‘below’);

  • Agnes

    I am using WP 3.3.1 with the plugin Version 2.3.2
    And I just would like to manually insert the code in my templates, as otherwise I face some issues (they dont show in several places, …)
    I ‘d love use the custom toolbox to control which ones I displayed, which I have already configurerd in the admin.
    Alternatively I could set them mlanually…

    I dont understand instructions in this post, because adding $customAddThis in the widget file does not change the admin… the custom toolbox was already there. I believe the instruction might be ffor an older version?
    Is there any way I could just add the custom stle that is there?

  • Stunami

    I placed this in my theme and it does not show up. Is this outdated?
    Version 2.4.1
    Wordpress 3.2

    i am trying to embed the small pill shape share box not the bulky icons style.

  • Stunami

    Is this right?

    It doesnt appear. However I got this to work
    do_action(‘addthis_widget’,$url , $title, ‘below’);

    But I want to manually place it in my theme.

    How does the style attribute work?

  • Hi, I´m trying to use this pluging in spanish but there are some text (for ex the mail i get after recommending myself the post) which are still in English, or also before sending the email, the “mail form” has both spanish and english text…..i will not use the plugin if there is no way to change it.

    best regards


  • raja

    Hi, how can i change the css of vertical tabs only. i.e margins for wordpress plugin

  • Raja, can you send us a message to with the URL of your site, and a little more detail of what you’re trying to do?

  • thorakmedichi

    When I add Everything seems to work with the buttons however the icons themselves dont show up. They are just empty containers.

    When I view the source for the icon I see

    background: url(skins/1-default/i_sharethis.png) no-repeat left top !important;

    There seems to be an issue with the plugin wanting to use relative links to the images rather than absolutes. How can I fix this??

  • Sorry, but it doesn’t look like you’re using our plugin. Here’s a link where you can easily add our plugin to your WordPress site:

  • thorakmedichi

    hahahahaha… Oh trust me I have downloaded and installed the plugin. WordPress v3.6. Addthis social bookmarking widget Version 3.5.1 | By The AddThis Team.

    Here is a link to see it in action:

  • It looks like there’s code in your theme that’s blocking our tools from showing up (and making the icon you referenced above show up instead). If you remove this code, it should work: .addthis_toolbox span.at300bs { background:url(skins/1-default/i_sharethis.png) no-repeat left top !important; }

  • thorakmedichi

    Perfect. Thank you. Worked like I charm when I removed the style from the parent theme’s style.css file.

  • Glad it’s working!

  • dwcouch

    I see where you’ve recommended people use:
    do_action(‘addthis_widget’,get_permalink($post->ID), get_the_title($post->ID), ‘below’);

    However If I disable ‘boost sharing’ and select buttons from the chooser. My choices make no impact on the widget I’ve called using the above snippet.

    I realize I can re-create the customization by creating my own template, but it seems I should be able to specify ‘below’ and get the customizations I’ve set for the ‘below’ widget.

  • Thanks for reaching out! We let our developers know, and they’ll be working on this. We hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks again!


    How could I help for my improving english skills

  • Good plugin…I’ve implemented on my website…