Problem with Sharing to Facebook

**UPDATE** 9/8/2014 12:00 PM EST: Over the weekend there have been reports of more problems opening shared links on Facebook iOS app. Here’s the scoop.

**UPDATE** 3/11/2011 10:00 AM EST: Facebook’s fix has been stable so we’ve reverted back to our normal sharing integration. We’ll continue to monitor Facebook sharing but everything is back to normal now.

**UPDATE** 3/10/2011 10:00 PM EST: Facebook has deployed a fix intended to address the core issue.  We are running a full suite of tests and will revert to our normal integration once this is confirmed fully functional.  We are currently still on an alternate integration, which works as expected with minor limitations on posts with multiple images.  We will update here once we resume fully normal operation.

**UPDATE** 3/10/2011 1:30 PM EST: Facebook has reenabled our workaround so we have been operating correctly for a few hours now.  We will continue to monitor in case of any changes.

**UPDATE** 3/10/2011 6 AM EST: Facebook has indicated a fix will be deployed on their side by “no later than Thursday evening”.  We are working with Facebook directly and will provide updates as they are available.  The mobile endpoint workaround will stay in place in the interim, so Facebook sharing is currently functional.  You can follow Facebook updates on this issue on their Live Status Page.

**UPDATE** 3/10/2011 12 AM EST: In an effort to keep the system as stable as possible while Facebook works on a fix for the root cause, we are currently leveraging Facebook’s mobile share endpoint for all shares. Though the user experience is geared to a smaller form factor, it does function correctly and allows us to continue to support sharing functionality.  Facebook has let us know that a fix will be deployed quickly; we will resume our normal operation as soon as that happens.

**UPDATE** 3/9/2011 6 PM EST: We deployed a workaround to restore core Facebook sharing functionality via AddThis while we await a more permanent solution from Facebook. We are continuing to monitor progress on the issue from their side and will keep you updated with additional information as we have it. In the interim, we believe the workaround re-enables all sharing features. Thanks for your patience.

This morning we got reports that their were problems with sharing to Facebook.  After some investigation,  it appears that overnight Facebook may have introduced a bug as part of an update that has broken Facebook Sharing.

With the bug, any url that hasn’t been previously cached within Facebook will initially not show the title and image of the page and then get an error when shared.

This bug has been discovered by a number of other developers and reported to Facebook.  We’re escalating the issue through our channels and hope to have it resolved as quickly as possible.

If you’d like to see the issue first hand or if you have a few extra special URLs, Facebook does make a tool that you can force URLS to be cached in their system.

We’ll keep you updated as things change.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well for the latest updates.

  • hello,

    we are using magento. we have the same problem. on sharing images are not coming up.

    please advise.

  • I’ve been getting a similar problem lately…Facebook share/like doesn’t create a thumbnail and exerpt, but rather just the title and URL. Please help!

  • Drew

    I’m having the same issue as JoAnn Roselli. Only happens in IE9.

  • Sloppy

    By any chance, has this problem resurfaced lately (2013?). I’ve seen a rash of Facebook-sharing problems lately, and one of them seemed to magically go away right after I use the “linting tool” to see what Facebook doesn’t like about our OGP data. Symptom was similar: it didn’t pick up the description and image. But they were there, and the linting tool could read them fine.

  • If you haven’t already, try adding the Facebook namespace (xmlns:fb=””) to your html tag.

    If you continue to have problems, please send an email to with your site’s URL.

  • Sloppy

    Thanks! The behavior is intermittent so it’s hard to know right away whether or not it’s really fixed, but guess what? I really _was_ missing the fb namespace. Oops. I may owe you a beer, addthis.

  • Lol, glad the problem’s solved!

  • Debbie Kay MillerJohnson

    I am having trouble shareing to the public what is wrong

  • Hi Debbie, can you send an email to with more details on the problem you’re seeing?

  • I am having troubles in sharing some of my post to facebook with the addthis buttons. They don’t work and don’t have preview. What can I do?

  • Hi Fernanda, send us an email ( with your URL and a screenshot if possible? We’re happy to help get this issue resolved for you!

  • yenisehircom

    Facebook share button doesnt create any thumbnail or expert. It’s blank. Sample post you can try to share:

  • We checked your page but don’t see our tools on there. Are you referring to our browser extension? If so, what browser are you using? And if you can include a screenshot, that would be very helpful.

  • yenisehircom
  • We see them now! :) It looks like your page needs open graph tags. Facebook uses og tags to pull a thumbnail image, description, and title when sharing to their network. This blog post shows you how they work and how to add them to your site:

  • Hey – there’s still a Facebook bug. I shared an article, and it added the has to the end of the url – it opened fine when clicking on the link in Facebook on desktop, but went to a 404 Not Found when clicking using Facebook on IOS. A little annoying.

  • shannon

    There is a facebook bug again on Mobile for FB on ios. Links with the hash tag are not working. Any idea when this can be fixed??

  • Thanks for letting us know! It seems to be an issue with Facebook’s mobile app. We just published some info:

  • Thanks again for reaching out! We took a look and found the issue to be with the Facebook mobile app. Here’s some more info on that:

  • Kathy Bowman

    It’s happening again. 2/9 2015 on… desktop/firefox issue. Still troubleshooting.

  • Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Kathy. Please email and we’ll assist you with figuring this out. Thanks!