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New and Improved Blogger Integration for AddThis

It’s now easier then ever to integrate AddThis with Blogger. We have two different integration options to help make your Blogger site easier to share.

Add AddThis After Every Post

Adding AddThis to your posts is easy as one, two, three! Go to the Get AddThiss page, select Blogger, pick your favorite sharing widget and then click the ‘Install AddThis on Blogger’ button. It’s super simple and gives all of your site visitors the chance to share your content around the web.

Add AddThis to Your SideBar

AddThis is now a featured gadget in Blogger. From the design panel of your Blogger site, click “Add a Gadget” and check out the Featured gadgets. You’ll find the AddThis Sharing Gadget that with one click you can add to your site. There are a few options including the size of the sharing icons and whether you want a tweet button and a like button to also appear.

We are always looking to improve how we integrate with the tools you use to publish your content. Please comment here or head over to our forums if you have any suggestions for how we can make the experience even better for Blogger, WordPress, or our other publishing platform plug-ins.

  • I am using AddThis already and it is a great tool. I wish it was built into the Blogger templates to make it even easier to install.

  • This worked very easily. Thanks for the post. I switched to Add This and added on my blog today.

  • Great improvement…thank you!

    This makes it so much easier to integrate AddThis into blog posts without the need to edit the Template.

    Keep up the great work!

    Derek Jones
    Derek’s Home and Business Blog

  • thanks addthis…..very useful tool for web marketing….

  • streo

    O.O thanks, it’s really cool

  • wow, great .. :)

  • This works fine as long as I’m on my home page and click on the addthis icons from there. But if I’m at the url for a specific post, the addthis buttons don’t work because they don’t recognize the url. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • @John, thanks so much for using AddThis. Can you do me a favor and post the issue that you’re having to our forum ( There our tech support team can help you to get the issue resolved ASAP.

  • Shawn

    I am having trouble getting this to work. I have looked at the support docs and have tried everything without success.

    Can the blogger please email me offline?

  • @Shawn, emailing you now.

  • Shawn

    John, I am having the exact opposite issue from you. Actually there are two issues.

    1. When I use the method to install a widget, it installs the widget in blogger with the script (which I then drag down below the “Blog post” widget), but the script does not actually install the Addthis buttons. (I want it below it each post.) In order to get those buttons, I have to get another bit of code from the addthis website, and then edit my HTML template.

    2. However, even after doing the latter, my issue is this. The Addthis buttons will then appear below each blog post, but they only operate correctly when I am on a single post page. When I am in the usual blog mode (which most readers would use) which shows multiple blog posts, the Addthis buttons do not know the URL of the single post page. i.e. you could not tweet out that post unless you clikc into the single post page and then do it. By consequence, it also will not sure the proper tweet counts, etc. unless it is in the single post page. False numbers are reported on the main blog.

  • Nice improvement. Will be integrating this to my new blog shortly.


  • I have added the button in the way to have it show after ever single post. It looks great, but function is lacking. No matter which post I am on when clicking on the FaceBook button to share the specific post, the post from the blog is always the latest posting. The link posted on FaceBook does not take the person to the specific blog entry, but always to the top of the page showing the latest blog post. They have to scroll down to see the post I actually wanted to share. Is there a fix for this? Surely this is not how it should work.

  • Kori Hill

    @Gary Can you do me a favor and post your issue in our tech support forum? Thanks!

  • Great blog post!

  • The problem is, once you have inserted it, you cannot remove it! I have somehow added it twice, yet am unable to remove it – it seems a number of people is having trouble to remove it.The sidebar gadget is easy enough to remove, but not the one for below posts.

    Also, here is a lack of options… Why cant I choose which buttons show? And I am unable to add the google plus button – for the same reasons that I am unable to remove it. It does NOT appear in the html…

  • The sidebar widget is very attractive (and economical of space!), but would be much more useful if I could configure it to show the share buttons I choose. For instance I’d like to have one for Google+.

    (I know that Google+ has its own sidebar widget, but would prefer to use AddThis’s compact format for share buttons.)

    Have I missed something?

  • M

    I tried the share widget for Blogger but it does not work. I want to add share buttons on my individual posts. After I click “Install Blogger Widget” I am redirected to Blogger which says
    The following errors were found:
    widget.content: Required field must not be blank

    If you are still having trouble, we recommend:
    Also, I tried the Add This on Blogger Sidebar. I can’t find Add Add This on the gadget list.

  • Sorry you’re having trouble installing the blogger plugin! Are you trying to add Smart Layers (this one:

  • TwentyPilots

    “AddThis is now a featured gadget in Blogger” Blatant lie, can’t find it anywhere. Nor can I add anything to my blog, it simply doesn’t appear.