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New Open Source Stream Summarizing Java Library

Here at Clearspring we like to count interesting things. How many users have visited a site? How many unique URLs are shared every hour? It turns out that counting is a non-trivial problem when there are several billion things to count. And counting is only the first step. What about the frequency of the things you are counting? Maintaining a complete multiset — with billions of elements indexed by multiplicity — for each dimension of interest is rarely practical. So, we’ve developed a set of utilities to help make counting to a billion easy.

Today we are pleased to release those utilites under an open-source license. Stream Lib is a Java library for summarizing streams of data. Included are classes for estimating:

There is a Readme to get your started with the code. We hope that others find this as useful as we have. Feedback, comments, patches, bugs, and forks are all welcome.

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