AddThis For WordPress 2.1.0

Recently we released version 2.1 of the AddThis WordPress plugin. There are a number of improvements that will make your experience as a publisher on WordPress even better. What are these great new features?

Custom Twitter Templates

While it has always been possible to modify the content of tweets with a small amount of code, we have made it easier to personalize the tweets from your site.

More Fine Grain Controls

Have a certain page that you don’t want to display AddThis on? No Problem. There is now a box on the create post and create page screens that will allow you to remove addthis from that specific post or page.

Since we don’t want to distract you by adding this box automatically, you need to enable it in the screen options which you can access from the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Updated Dashboard analytics

We’ve updated the dashboard analytics widget to now include your most shared and clicked urls for the last month. The social analytics on allow you to get more in depth reports, but the snapshot in your dashboard is now even more informative.

More Filters

We’ve included more filters so that developers can customize the plugin even more. Are you a developer that wants to build upon and improve the plugin? We’re listening and want to help.

All of these features came out of feedback that we received from you, the user. What features would you like to see in version 2.2? Head on over to our forums and let us know.

  • The link to the Twitter Templates appears to be down. Definitely could use that info! Can you repost it?

  • MBT

    So cool!

  • The AddThis Plugin is already the best sharing/bookmarking functionality available for WordPress. Thanks for making it even better!

  • The best wordpress social bookmark widget ever for the next 10 years to come.

    Thanks for making it better too:-)


  • pandora

    The AddThis Plugin is already the best sharing/bookmarking functionality available for WordPress. i am very love, hope more and more better.

  • AS a big wordpress user I like that you can now remove addthis from that specific post or page.

  • Dj Sophia

    I love to use Addthis and wordpress.AddThis is an owesum plugin for social network sharing. Thanks for such an amazing service.

  • I’ve only just found “Add this, so am not sure if this WordPress Add This is different from the standard one I just installed? Have just tried adding that basic one you see on my Blog, as an experiment but somehow it didn’t start on 0 so not sure how it works… see

  • Bruce

    I can’t get the setup screen back to change my WordPress configuration. This is extremely annoying.

  • Hi Bruce, I’ll email you to get more info.

  • Nice upgrades. Being able to leave it off specific pages/posts will be super handy. Thanks!

  • Great stuff. Keep up the good work. We’re always happy to recommend you.

  • I’m new on WordPress, and I was not aware about this plugin. It looks very useful, I’ll try it. Thanks for the article.


  • Hey I recently started using wordpress. Its such an awesome platform. I’ve just found addthis.. and Im excited to get it going. Thanks much

  • How do you set your Twitter name to replace “via @addthis” in the tweet share?

  • I have just installed this plugin. Thanks for the information, it’s very useful.


    John Vender

  • Thanks for making it even better!

  • The AddThis sharing plugin in fantastic with WordPress! I knew nothing about blogging and linking when i started and AddThis was a breeze. I love it and I’d encourage anyone with a WordPress blog to use it – it’s effortless, reliable and gives plenty of options. Thanks to the creators!

  • First of all, thank you for all these wonderful updates!

    I use WordPress as blog and online portfolio. I did noticed the option that allows me to remove AddThis from certain pages or posts but I don’t have that option for my portfolio item pages. I wish there was AddThis option box for portfolio items as well.

    By the way, AddThis is my favorite sharing tool! It’s the best ever.

  • My brother just told me about this plugin so I’m gonna give it a try. I’ll let you know with another comment when I load it. Sounds good though, especially the twitter templates. ;-)

  • Hi Jessica-
    Portfolio is sounds like a custom post type. If you want to add the meta box to that screen, you can do that with the following code:

    add_filter('addthis_post_metabox_screens', 'yourPrefix_addthis_post_metabox_screens')
    function yourPrefix_addthis_post_metabox_screens($array){
    $array[] = 'slug_used_to_create_custom_post_type';
    return $array;

    Thanks for using AddThis! I’m glad to hear you like it.

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Jeff, we are going to add an easier way to edit this in the WP plugin soon, but there’s a workaround if you’re interested in trying it in the mean time. Check out the last post in this forum topic: Feel free to post any other questions in there as well!

  • My website is also a wordpress website. Addthis is a good plugin to it.

  • Hey. Would like to use your plugin but, when it’s enabled, I don’t see an option on the edit page screen to disable the plugin for that page. Can you tell me where I should be looking? Thanks.

  • You should enable the AddThis metabox in the screen options for the edit page. In WordPress 3.2, this is in the upper right hand corner.

  • The best wordpress social bookmark widget ever for the next 10 years to come. Thanks for making it even better! This is easily one of the most useful articles I’ve read this year.
    Great work,