Problems with Sharing to Twitter

11:18am EST – We have deployed a fix.  Sharing to Twitter should be working fine again.  Let us know if you’re finding any issues.

9:20am EST – Good morning, we’re getting reports from users that they are having problems with sharing to Twitter. Our team is investigating. We’ll report back soon with more information.

  • Bryan Richard

    Thanks for fixing it

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    I was having problem once… but now its alright.. Thanks for solution.

  • Still having issues with not only Sharing to Twitter and Tweet This Post, but also with Add To Any plugin which allows readers to Share/Save post in many ways.

    Please resolve these issues… Thanks!

    April Whitten

  • Hi April, just sent you a quick email.

  • Hey there,

    I’m still having issues sharing text and a link. When I paste my Share URL into the browser, my status is not auto-populated but blank…. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?? Am I using the wrong URL?? It has worked before many times, but not in the past 2 weeks….

    Example of my URL:!+

    Help ASAP would be great!!

    Thank you!

  • For the past few weeks none of the clicks on Twitter have been recorded. The share appear, however, even though I know from Blogger that readers came from twitter, no clicks are recorded in my analytics.

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Sophie, if you are still seeing problems, please post them to our tech support forum –

  • Amihay Gonen

    sharing to twitter doesn’t work now . for me at least

  • Could you email us at support with more details, including your URL?

  • Yvain Lancy

    Hello. Our images are not being rendered when posting on twitter. When checking with the twitter card validator, we get this error: WARN: Not whitelisted
    Any chance you can help?