New Analytics Feature: Alerts

At AddThis, we’re always trying to make our analytics more informative and useful. This week we’re adding a feature to help keep you abreast of changes in your site’s traffic: email alerts. Alerts notify you by email when there are significant changes to the rate of shares or traffic. Alerts can be set up for specific URLs on your site, a specific domain, or all domains in an AddThis profile.

The new alerts management interface

AddThis alerts have a couple of great uses. First, like our analytics emails, they can help you keep a pulse on the the overall state of sharing for your sites—with domain-wide alerts you can be on top of any noteworthy change in your site’s traffic.

Perhaps the more powerful way to use alerts is setting one for a specific page that you’re interested in.  Say you’re making a new blog post and you want to know what the Social Web thinks of your literary masterpiece. Create an alert for the post’s URL and we’ll let you know when it goes viral. You’ll find a link to create an alert at the top of every content detail report.

To learn more about setting alerts, check out this help page, or head over to Settings to get started.

  • Good new functions, want to try.

  • doenst seems to work that well, ive signed up for 4 days ago and ben only getting 1 email, even tho that i got over 50 shares since then :) (i also checked my spam folder)

  • I’m using AddThis and I love it :) your tool is great, keep up the good work.

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Phat^Trance, could you do me a favor and post this issue to our tech support forum?

  • I am using this for last few days, its good to me

  • New Analytics is always great to have!

  • Still not working that good for me , what to do?

  • tool is great, keep up the good work.

  • Good new functions, want to try.