AddThis – A Spiritual Experience

We recently stumbled across this awesome video of a user preaching – literally – about his experience with AddThis. We couldn’t resist sharing!

We’ve always maintained that we have an amazing community of support but testimonials from people who dig the product never get old. And when it comes in the form of a sermon on sharing, well, we just can’t argue with that!

We love you too, friend!

  • lolz, thanks for the wonderful video…….

  • Tom

    Hahaha, now that’s a funny preacher fan you’ve got here..

    “Oh, hello friends, preacher here..” :-)

  • ..amen!

  • Talk about product evangelism! Reverend Jackson couldn’t do a better job. Just love it!

  • Really I’m gorgeous!

  • Yeah,I approve to the agreement.
    What I see from here can may me feel “add this”like a Spiritual guider.