New AddThis for Chrome

Share at the Speed of Chrome
We’ve updated our Chrome extension with “speed” in mind. Like you, we’re a huge fan of discovering interesting content and sharing it with our friends faster, with less clicks. Our new extension includes inline sharing to Facebook and Twitter, more customization features, and an updated visual design.

Quicker Sharing to Facebook and Twitter
Sharing to Facebook and Twitter will appear as a small inline window. All you have to do is authenticate once, and sharing becomes even more convenient. Here’s how it works if you share to Twitter…

More Customizable, with Over 300 Popular Services
There are other places I like to share to other than Facebook and Twitter. For me, I’ve customized my menu to show services like Instapaper, Gmail, and Tumblr. To customize your own menu, select “Options”. A new tab will open, and you can start customizing your menu as well as manage your connected accounts.

Download AddThis for Chrome
If you haven’t downloaded our extension, click on the image below. As always, send feedback and let us know what you think of the new design. Ps. If you like what you see, give a big high five to Angel and Foo for pulling this awesome update together.

  • This is way useful, the design looks well and I just love the simplicity to relay useful sites as easy as this way. :)

  • Dirk Brieger

    What’s about sharing on Facebook Pages and to Google+?

  • @Samuel Thanks! We’re excited about the updates as well. I’ll share your comment with our team.

  • @Dirk The new extension enables you to authenticate with Facebook. Just click “Facebook” when you share. I’ll let our team know that adding Google+. I believe it’s on the roadmap, and it’d be great if we could use authenticate and enable quick sharing as well. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thanks! :D

  • César

    There seems to be a problem with twitter, it doesn´t connect my account…. is there a way to solve this? Also for some reason it discconects to facebook and tumbler also..

  • @César Thanks for sending your feedback. We’re trying to reproduce the issue over here to help you get it resolved. A couple of other people have mentioned a similar problem. Please email our support team at

    If you can send us some more information about the problem, we’ll help get this bug fixed. Thanks!

  • Great. I like the update. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mostafa

    When sharing a page via Twitter, the link is fully added and tweet characters are exceeded so that I cannot tweet? Any guidance???

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Mostafa – we are aware of this issue and are working on getting it fixed.

  • Joe

    Can’t post to twitter via AddThis Sharing, any chance of a fix to this? Keep getting errors when I pressed tweet on the chrome extension.

  • Very usefull. Thanks all for this amazing and great update.

  • @mostafa Thanks for the feedback—our team is working on shortening the URL so that it doesn’t exceed the 140 characters. We will be pushing out an update soon. Fixing this is a very high priority for us.

  • AddThis is so cool, I don’t know why anyone would want or need to use and other similar social media tool. Thanks guys and a big ol’ whoo hoo to Angel and Foo!

  • @joe Can you email me with steps on how to reproduce the problem you’re having? Send me a quick message: I’ll work with our team to track the bug. Thanks for the feedback and helping us improve AddThis for Chrome.

  • Vankog

    well now the +1 button from google works finally! :-)
    nethertheless i wanted to share something to google plus, rather than just +1 it. :-(

  • All:

    We’ve gotten some good feedback about our new Facebook and Twitter connections. Some users love it, but others were confused when we suddenly started asking for their account information.

    To serve everyone better, we’ve just released a small update to make connecting to your social accounts opt-in, instead of happening by default behavior. If you’d like to make posting to Facebook or Twitter faster and easier, you can still go to Options > Connect Accounts to enable it. (If you’ve already connected your account, it’ll stay connected.)

    As always, we love to hear what you think!


  • prett much interesting. what’s the source? and do you have rss feed?

  • I’m already using it’s extension on GC for the last few months!!

  • Very impressive! Already Bookmarked with G+1!!

  • I think the +1 from google ist very fine;-)

  • bob

    Addthis does NOT work on the latest Chrome. Cannot use “Customize Your AddThis Sharing Menu” under “Options. Search for services doesn’t work. (Can’t add services). Sync Facebook and twitter don’t work. Cannot “save changes.” Latest Java version is enabled. Windows 8 OS. When I try to “share” by clicking on the red + box all it get is “more” and “options.”

  • ZenpunK

    I love this extension but I am constantly having to authenticate. How do I make it so I only have to authenticate once?

  • Unfortunately, this is a feature we’re no longer supporting.

  • What’s about sharing on Facebook Pages and to Google+?

  • You can share to Facebook and Google+ with AddThis Share Buttons, which you can learn more about here: You can also use the native share buttons via AddThis:

  • Very impressive! Thank you

  • thank you very nice