Blog Template Refresh

You’ve probably noticed an update to our site template today. We’ve been incrementally rolling out a new template design to make our pages more consistent. These small updates include more contrast in our main navigation, an updated footer, and a small visual refresh. The update doesn’t change any site navigation, so everything should work the same. Here are some screenshots:

I’d like to take a moment to thank our team for pulling together a nice refresh. In particular, give Foo a pat on the back for a job well done. It’s really exciting to see everything come together, in terms of visual continuity and experience. Let us know if you have any feedback.

P.S. On a completely tangent note, anyone playing Gears of War 3 tonight? Drop us a message if you want to play multiplayer or horde mode with the AddThis team. Our Xbox 360 gamer tag is “Clearspring”. ^_^

  • I hope,so that’s easy.

  • I love your PS. you added to this post.

    Can I work for you guys.. sounds like fun!

  • @blog plan Thanks buddy. We’ve got a couple guys in here that are big XBOX360 gamers. Every once an a while we’ll jump online and do a round of team death match. If you’re online, let us know. Also, you can learn more about our jobs here:

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  • Correct. Actually I found Add This such on some awesome websites. Like oDesk

  • Great post buddy :)

  • Thanks Merchantinc. Really glad you like it! :)

    More great things to come soon.

  • Was previous one worst? Anyway, constant work is a very good sign!

  • awesome feature of add this. I wish to add this gadget in my site.