New AddThis For Safari


If you think our Firefox, Internet Explorer, and recently updated Chrome extensions are rad, hold onto your hats, ’cause we’ve just added another to the mix – AddThis for Apple Safari!

Now (whether you use Firefox, IE, Chrome, or Safari) you can have all your favorite social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services at your fingertips – with one click, AddThis enables you to instantly share and bookmark web pages, blogs, news, photos, videos, and any other content to the most popular destinations.




Customize Your Toolbar View

Like all of our browser extensions, the default view displays popular services you can share to using AddThis. If you’d like to choose which services are displayed you have the option to customize your menu; it’s super easy, just click on the wrench located at the far right of the toolbar and then add or remove services accordingly.


If you love using Safari and haven’t downloaded our extension yet, click the image below to install AddThis for Safari now!



Got questions or feedback on our browser extensions? Let us know! Drop a note on our forum or hit me up on Twitter –



  • whooohooo!! For the last few months I was using Ass This on Google Chrome and Firefox but now I can use it on Safari!!

    Cheers Add This
    Sumon Rahman

  • Hey I tried a few time to use it. But it is showing me some error!

  • Tommy Beavitt

    It’s far too cluttered on my Safari toolbar, had to remove it. What I want is one Share This button on the toolbar or, even better, a keyboard shortcut. I will install it again if these issues are addressed.

  • Shoot us an email at Attach a screenshot of the error you’re receiving as well – thanks!

  • Michelasso

    Where is it? I just installed it in Safari 5.1.1 for OS X Lion. There is no button, no toolbar, nothing. I even restarted Safari just in case. The extensions preference panel just gives the option to enable/disable it. Nothing else. Also it would be good if it was configurable in the preference just to use a shortcut, as Tommy said.

    Too bad because I really wanted it. Facebook sharing by copied links has got just dumb. It keeps showing the full URLs.

  • Hi Michelasso, there may be a conflict between AddThis and other software on your system. Could you give some more details by sending an email to Thanks!

  • olen

    Button next to address field instead of bar, please. :-)

  • Nuno

    How can I remove add this from Safari?

  • dacsandanang

    How I can add addthis to safari ?