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Happy Birthday AddThis!

This month, we celebrate five years of sharing with AddThis.  It began with a simple idea – make bookmarking and sharing easier.  After a few months of coding, AddThis was born.  At first, it was a single button with a few bookmarking services used by a few small publishers.  But it quickly spread across the web and we started to see some interesting trends in how and what people share.  With that information in hand, we introduced sharing analytics to offer this same insight to publishers.

In 2008, AddThis became part of Clearspring.  Our vision was simple – create the web’s sharing platform.  It took a lot of work, but together with you guys, we really made a dent in this goal.  AddThis is now the largest content sharing platform on the web.  Used by 10 million websites reaching over 1.2 billion people each month, the platform enables users to easily share to over 300 sharing destinations in over 70 languages.  We are truly a global platform.  Our in-house data processing capabilities, coupled with this huge reach, has put us in a great position to serve publishers in new and unique ways.  This year, we introduced real-time analytics and the ability to track sharing that occurs via copy/paste actions on the address bar.  The new suite of analytics helps publishers understand how people interact with their content right now, what their interests and influences are, and how they can increase engagement and social reach.  With this same technology, we can derive insight into consumer interests and deliver more relevant advertising to users across the web.  And that’s just the beginning.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support over these last five years. It’s been an amazing ride and we are excited to work with you to have an even better next five years.  In honor of our birthday, please enjoy this tasty infographic that captures some of what we’ve learned about sharing over the last half decade.  Enjoy!


Note: We have replaced the originally posted infographic to reflect the correct number of unqiue users in 2008 to 330M.


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  • Happy birthday AddThis! I love your services. A plus within a red square has been a symbol of sharing on the web. Keep profiting us.

  • Alexander

    Поздравляю с юбилеем! Только вчера начал пользоваться и изучать ваш сервис, и понял, что несомненно он является лучшим! Дальнейшего вам развития и успехов! Привет из Украины :)

  • happy birthday addthis! You make life for my readers and I easier!

  • Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you…
    Many many happy returns of the day “Addthis” in this especial day I wish your more more and more success with us.
    Sumon Rahman

  • Happy birthday to you Addthis.

  • we ♥ AddThis ;)

  • giufrida willian

    AddThis feliz aniversário! Eu amo seus serviços. Um sinal de mais dentro de um quadrado vermelho tem sido um símbolo de compartilhar na web

  • Warmest congratulations and best wishes for future!

  • Alexander

    Birthday, guys – wish you all the best!

  • Happy Birthday AddThis ! Many Many Happy Return Of The Day !

  • happy birthday addthis!

  • Come faccio a cancellarmi e a fare scomparire AddThis?

  • Angela – Here are instructions on how to remove the toolbar from your browser:

    Let me know if you have questions!

  • Everyone, thanks for the warm birthday wishes and celebrating with us. Keep sharing. :)

  • Pat

    Cheers. :)

  • Congratulations on your anniversary! You are really the best! I wish you continued success.

  • thats a great news to hear. I have also added addthis to my website. It works gr8. Thanks addthis and congrats to addthis for 5year anniversary.

  • Emad Samir

    Happy Birthday Addthis

  • happy birthday guys

  • M. Baba Bukar

    Happy Birthday AddThis. We love you for making things easy for us.

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  • Happy birthday AddThis! I love your services. A plus within a red square has been a symbol of sharing on the web. Keep profiting us.

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  • Happy Birthday Add This!

  • Happy 5th birthday Add this!

  • Art

    Happy 5th birthday Add this!

    Great Job, Guys!

  • some one asked in our forum community..
    “Wednesday is PEAK day in content sharing.. no wonder traffic seems jamm on Wednesday. Does this infographic copied & paste on Wed..?”
    hell yes.. lol

  • Information Portal Cculka Happy Birthday AddThis! Many Many Happy Return Of The Day!

  • happy birthday to AddThis…Live long..

  • Happy Birthday, thanks for your sharing

  • Happy Birthday Add This!

  • HB 5TH Addthis :)

  • Hi, I really don’t want this add this on my google page …it’s been there for too long and I really don’t need add this…I don’t have time to social network and this is a distraction to me as I’m studying heavily. Please help me get rid of this web page for now. Thanks!

  • TC Brown

    Yes, Happy Birthday. Continued success.

    Now can you tell me how to remove you from my Internet Explorer~ ~tcb

  • Happy birthday…

  • congo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mukurwe

    keep up the research .its very informative.happy birthday

  • Happy Birthday Add This!
    Thank you very much for your fantastic service.
    Hopefully the more advanced :-)

  • Paulo

    Parabéns, Addthis !

  • Monica

    Happy Bithday

  • Great! good job !

  • Thanks! Here are instructions on how to remove the toolbar from your browser:

    Let me know if you have questions!

  • Hey Becki, Here are instructions on how to remove the toolbar from your browser:

    Let me know if you have questions!

  • IFRSexpert

    Great tools. Happy birthday!

  • happy birth day AddThis :)

  • Happy birthday to you Addthis. Your best years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for every up down and in between. You’re the gift of us and we give you our love.

  • Happy Birthday and congratulations on the milestone. I love the infographic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Congratulations to you all! 5 Years is awesome! You rock!!
    In your honnor I translated your article into Portuguese and published it on the following adress
    Check it out!
    All the best,
    and wishes for more 5 succesfull years,
    Jorge Purgly