Twitter Mentions in AddThis Analytics Now in Real-Time

Along with our 5th birthday, AddThis is closing in on another fun milestone: 2 million Twitter followers! We wanted to say thanks to all our supporters today, particularly our Tweeps. We have loved connecting with you in 140 characters or less!

To celebrate, AddThis Analytics’ Twitter Mentions feature is now in real-time! This means anytime a URL from your domain is publicly tweeted, you will be able to see it – RIGHT when it’s been sent. You can find the Twitter Mentions on the Summary tab of your analytics as well as on each content detail page.  See what people are saying on Twitter about your brand or specific content in real-time.

As always, we love hearing your feedback. What is your favorite part of the AddThis Analytics? What other pieces of data would you like to see that will help you understand the social interactions taking place on your site? We’re all ears!

  • Joymalya Chakraborty

    @greenforyou Followers are you Photogenic while you pictograph !

  • Jordan

    Why does it seem like I have to reauthorize Twitter every week? :(

  • Joymalya Chakraborty

    Followers are you Photogenic while you pictograph !

  • Nick

    Will this feature show only immediately appeared mention or save this for further analysis also?

  • Sumon Rahman

    Oh very nice superb from as i expected a simple thanks can’t express my feeling yet! You guys really doing very hard for us. Keep us posted more like it.

  • Zeta

    wow really great new feature for us.

  • Sumon Rahman

    oh forgot to say I’d love to write a review about our lovely Addthis. So is there any problem if I share Addthis with my 3000+ subscribers? As well as I want everybody know about Addthis.

  • Tony

    Any word when you will have full support for the LinkedIn Button with Counter?

  • Sumon Rahman

    Hi guys some days ago I wrote a review about Addthis on my Blog and some says me on there “Amazing. I’m just thinking about to use Addthis on my webs. But after your recommendation now I’m absolutely feel free to using Addthis!”

    So when are you going to add Addthis on yours?

  • elizabeth

    HeyTony – We’re still working with LinkedIn to get the bugs ironed out for that button. But we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available!

  • elizabeth

    Hey Jorda, there may be a conflict between AddThis and other software on your system. Could you give some more details? Send us an email:

  • Maria-Helena Miranda

    I love everything about it. Thank you very much.

  • Terbakor

    and this was another perfect combination and featured other then GA.. you guys rock dude