It’s the Great Pumpkin, Clearspring!

(Originally posted on the Clearspring blog.)

It’s been a very busy week here at Clearspring with the announcement of XGraph joining the family. So busy, we didn’t get a chance to blog about our very first Halloween Costume Contest!

To give a quick rundown from some of our offices — Winnie the Pooh was spotted writing code and the iCloud was shedding “water droplets” all over the floors at HQ in McLean, VA. NYC was was raided by a zombie and a Richard Simmons exercise video extra showed up. LA even saw dead people.

Here are some pictures, including the winners of the three categories – Funniest, Scariest and Most Creative.


HQ’s Elizabeth Leiser won Most Creative with her rendition of the iCloud.

HQ’s Collin Hughes won Funniest for dressing up as fellow Clearspringer Ted Pearson. Here’s a reference:

LA’s Will Watson won Scariest for his interpretation of Dia de Los Muertos.

Some honorable mentions:

Rebecca Salerno of our NYC office dressed as a hostess turned zombie. She has rats in her hair!

NYC’s David S. just got back from filming his latest exercise video with Richard Simmons.

Charlie the Pooh.

  • Wonderful work!

  • OOpz forgot to say really love how it’s easy on my eyes as well as the information are well written.

  • that is funy hahah

  • hahaha thanksss

  • Elizabeth Leiser and her iCloud is AMAZING! )))))

  • IN

    love will watson’s outfit. so cool. still, i need to get that pooh for my kids. great stuff.

  • looks nice. funny indeed.

  • very fanny, Christmas Day coming soon.we can make some similar dress in our party.I think it will surely more fanny.haha…

  • I just lunched my Chamber of Business website named almost on the way hoping today successfully I can install Addthis! Yahooo!

  • This is absolutely funny, thanks for this awesome posting :)

  • Some nice costumes, but I wonder – did Rebecca Salerno really have normal, living rats in her hair???

  • Fantastic..!! Don’t you just love Halloween…it’s a great excuse for dressing up and to make a fool out of yourself :)Great pics.

  • Hi! I just got my Analytics report and it’s good news as always so I wanted to reach out and say thank you to your team for such a great tool.

    I also wanted to share a poster I made that you guys might find amusing since it’s kind of Halloween themed… it’s a pumpkin carved into a tooth with dental stem cells oozing out of it!

    Believe it or not this has gone viral (in as much as a dentist office poster can… :)

  • It’s so funny, I like the iCloud.

  • Haha the Winnie the Pooh one is the best! Love It!

  • Good Costumes! Some obviously seem to enjoy it more than others! I like the hotdog on the head :)

  • Some really hilarious pictures here! My favorite is rendition of the iCloud, that picture really made my day and I almost decided to join iCloud :)

  • LOL The I-Cloud is pretty funny. I also like the Richard Simmons one. I guess I am showing my age.

  • Very Nice. I liked the First one & Halloween :)