AddThis Now Supports Sharing to Pinterest

This morning we are very excited to announce that AddThis now supports sharing to Pinterest! You can now start pinning interesting and fun images to your board.

Pinterest is a rapidly-growing image sharing social network which according to Businessweek has seen traffic grow 7x in the past 5 months. The site allows users to create “boards” for inspiration and has been furiously adopted by DIY crafters and bloggers.

To get your site set up with a Pinterest button follow the steps here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • We just discovered the site a few weeks ago and it’s already taking off. Smart addition!

  • Pinterest was recently brought to my attention through an overheard conversation between some family members. I look forward to learning more about it.

  • Great addition, Pinterest does seem to be growing and the users are very active.

  • I was one of (or the only?) the people that suggested adding this. I’m so glad you did. However your lack-luster WordPress plugin seems to have issues with it. I added it to the offerings on my site, but when clicked, it doesn’t appear to do anything. I’ve tested in several browsers.

    It would sure be nice if you could upgrade your WordPress plugin, it’s just really lacking and difficult to use. Let people just select the share options they want to include, and the size and whether or not it displays the number of likes/shares/diggs/pins/etc.

  • Thanks for the tip. Was not aware of pinterest. Love getting your emails – they’re very helpful even to my small busines.

  • Just signed up to Pinterest looks a good concept thanks for the heads up!

  • Going to start using Pinterest today! Thanks

  • Great news, fantastic addition, just signed up after hearing the news.

  • Jordana

    So happy you’ve added this! Could you also offer the image as a small horizontal. I would like it to line up with and be the same size as my other addthis images.

  • Checked out Pinterest, great site surprised I haven’t heard of it by the looks of their stats. Look forward to browsing the site more!

  • Very nice addition. I was not aware of this. Will explore now.

  • Nice post. I learn something on totally different blogs everyday.

  • ranchor line

    like this

  • Addthis does it again! The Pinterest button is a great addition to the service and our site.

  • I just looked into Pinterest. Look into it if you haven’t already.

    John Morris

  • Pinterest looks very cool. I’m checking it out right now.

    John Morris

  • zWs

    Pinterest is great! Thanks for integrating it into AddThis!!

  • I actually have never heard of this site until I read this blog, it amazes me how people continue to come up with ideas for websites, that haven’t already been done, I need to start coming up with ideas lol.

  • I will try add Pinterest button on my website.
    Good info.
    thank you.

  • Hey when the next post is coming! We’re excited to read new one.

  • Joe

    My wife spends HOURS on pinterest. Now I can take advantage of the addiction by utilizing it in conjunction with my sites!

  • Hi!

    I’m really curious in adding the pinterest button, as we are seeing increased traffic and lots of people that pin our products without any kind of share button.

    1) Does this work as supposed by now or do you consider it a beta? Read somewhere that people had issues in getting it to work properly.

    2) The size of the pinterest button doesn’t seem to fit other buttons as the facebook like, tweets and google+ and share. It’s bigger. Could I use these five services without having different button heights?


  • It seems that the WordPress plugin doesn’t fill the media + layout attributes:


    As a result, the Pin isn’t filled properly. For example:

  • Pinterest is proving great for fashion sites – lots of lovely photos. I’m glad Addthis now includes the pinterest button. I’ll be getting it set up ASAP.

  • Selcuk

    A Sharing endpoint would be great, however, sharing end points does not accept media url… I wonder if there would be another edition.

    Current Pinterest button is ENORMOUS, so it would be good for “inline with others” (such as 20px height) no-count-box version at least…

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    nice post.It would sure be nice if you could upgrade your WordPress plugin, it’s just really lacking and difficult to use. Let people just select the share options they want to include.