Expanded AddThis Analytics Now Available in Live View

Which pages are trending, right now? Which searches are bringing traffic to your site, and what words are visitors copying in order to search or email friends? What interests your visitors, and what are they saying about your website or blog? Find out the answers to these questions using your newly expanded AddThis Analytics Live View.

What’s Live View?

The AddThis Analytics Live View provides a look at what’s happening right now, across your site or for a specific page, including:

  • A map showing where people are interacting with your pages
  • A list of your top content, right now, based on shares and traffic back to your site
  • Your viewers’ interests, and what they’re saying about your content on Twitter

The Live View also introduces new types of information to help you understand how your audience is interacting with your site:

  • Searches: How many searches are bringing traffic to your site? What are your visitors looking for? Live View displays a list of top search keywords and phrases.
  • Text copy tracking: While searches indicate what brought users to your site, text that visitors copy can help you understand what they found interesting, and whether these keywords align with your search meta-data to help maximize SEO. Learn more

Zoom Into a Page

Interested in a particular page that’s trending? Zoom in for a closer look by clicking on it’s title, and discover how your visitors are interacting with that page, what searches brought them there, and what your audience is saying about that page on Twitter.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think about the new AddThis Analytics Live View. Drop us a line in our forum with your feedback, and if you have any questions or need technical support, please visit our new Support Center.

  • Isn’t this just like google analytics? Also, question, would this tool be more for a blogging site, or would it work well with any site in general? I find that most people visiting my site aren’t looking for too much information, simply just what service we provide and a phone number, so I don’t know if this would be useful to me.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Nicholas. While there’s some overlap in data, AddThis Analytics take a more social view of how a publishers visitors are engaging with content. That said, if you use Google Analytics you can integrate AddThis data into your GA profile. Check out to learn more.

    You ask a great question: as a site owner who perhaps isn’t generating a lot of content, you can still use AddThis to help you understand basic social metrics. For instance, you can measure how many visitors are sharing your home page, and how those shares are driving traffic back to your site.

    Then, if you maintain a business presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, knowing where people are socially interacting with your site can help you decide where to invest time and resources into those social “home pages”. If you manage a Facebook (Business) Page or Twitter account, you can also connect these to your AddThis analytics summary report to help consolidate the number of “dashboards” you follow.

    If you have any questions about these features, please don’t hesitate to ask in our Support Center, at

    Hope this helps, and thanks again for the feedback.

    Jim Lane
    Director of User Experience

  • Hello admin i like this tool and want to use it because i am tiered to using google analytics that is too difficult to use but this tool is looking easy in use.. i have to questions,
    1. can i use it with blogger??
    2. is it free tool or we have to pay for it??

  • Thanks for the excellent post. Great goods from you, man.

  • Hi Jim
    Very interesting concept 2 questions came to mind:
    1. Have you benchmarked your heatmaps(i assume “A map showing where people are interacting with your pages” are heatmaps) against the likes of Crazy Egg and other heatmap specialists. I ask this as i have seen quite variable heatmapping data for the same url’s in the same time period so wondering if your data has been compared?
    2.”While searches indicate what brought users to your site, text that visitors copy can help you understand what they found interesting”. Are you finding that the level of text copying is significant across a range of sites, i would be interested if it is because if i had to guess i would have estimated it happening in less than 1% of visits and i’m not sure i would draw much conclusion beyond plagiarism about the visitors that did this but would be most interested to hear your thoughts behind that metric.

  • This looks great but where do you get your data from – do you mine it yourself or is it just scraped from Big G?

  • Addthis helps improve traffic for my web so much. Thanks guys so much

  • @Grame: Glad to hear that you are interested in using AddThis analytics. You can indeed install AddThis sharing tools into your Blogger blog, and get analytics reports on their usage. Go to and select “Blogger” to get started. If you’d like to check out a Blogger implementation, I use AddThis on my personal blog,

    @David: the data we display in our map is a little different than CrazyEgg, so no we haven’t done any benchmarking – but that’s an interesting idea, thanks. Regarding copied text tracking, the anecdotal data I’ve seen would suggest that copied strings are used more for searching, but we’ll be talking more about this newer metric soon. Stay tuned-

    @Bill: Ourselves- the data AddThis displays in Live View reports is derived from visitors interacting with pages on which publishers have installed AddThis code.

    Thanks all for the questions and feedback!

    Jim Lane
    Director of User Experience

  • I found this very interesting and useful. Certainly something we will be able to use. Thanks for the great information.

  • thanks this is a best idea,
    i have a question :
    we can use the same script addthis to analytics ? i mean we don’t have to define two script one for addthis and other for google analytics ?

  • sory i mean AddThis Analytics :)

  • Hi Maroc,

    The code and Javascript that allow AddThis and Google Analytics to collect data for your site are separate and different. You can integrate your AddThis data into your Google Analytics reports, but you still need both scripts on your pages to collect separate data sets. You can read more about integrating AddThis data into Google Analytics here if you’re interested: Hope that helps answer your question.

  • sorry jim lane,
    what i mean olso in my site i use addthis OK but if i want to use addthis analytics i have to copy paste another script to do that ?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Maroc- no, you don’t need a new script. Can you please post your question in our support center so we can get you some assistance? Thanks- here’s the link:

  • Very useful topic you shared here. I like to add this in my website. Will try out. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is going to be helpful. I really like the interface.