Measuring Your Fans and Followers

We recently introduced Fan and Follow buttons for your brand’s social media presence. Now it’s easy to track these buttons in your AddThis analtyics reports. These new reports show you how your followers break down across networks, and which content is generating these followers for you.

The Summary and Service reports show you a side-by-side comparison of your followers on different Services. In the Content Trends report, you will notice a new column in the Top Content table titled Follows. This number shows you how many fans or follows you garnered from that specific URL.




This is another addition to our suite of tools that allow you, as a publisher and website owner, to know exactly what content is driving not only social activity via shares, but actual followers of your brand. These types of social users are especially powerful as they care enough about your product that they want to receive updates and interact on a deeper level than just a one time share.

To start tracking your pages that are acquiring you the most followers, hop on over to our Follow Tools area and grab your buttons. We provide integration for multiple networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Do you find this type of data valuable? What other kind of information are you looking for from your analytics consoles? We’d love to hear from you!

  • Quy

    Can you add buttons for Foursquare, Pinterest and Quora? These are major social networks that I think should also be added.

  • These reports are fantastic…great way to manage all analytical accounts. Pintrest would definitely be a great addition to the button list.

  • Don

    Great Idea. I love it. One question. is there a way to obtain the follow stats if we are using AddThis for sharing and have Social Analytics activated with AddThis but are using our own follow buttons not from AddThis?


  • Good idea :)

  • The icons tha are present on this post… can I also use them on my blog? :P

  • Lakhan Singh

    My Family – The Sweet Family

  • Puggie Pandie

    Yes, 4square, Klout, Pinterest! What is Quora??? What do you consider to be the top 15 social networks Quy? and Add this? Also any way to get analytics on emails sent out, open rate, deleted, and also, blog & website for your business?