Pinterest Available in the AddThis Services Menu (And Some Fun Facts!)

If you already have AddThis on your site, it is now easier than ever to provide your users the ability to share to Pinterest. All you have to do to get Pinterest into the AddThis sharing menu is add a little bit of code so we can grab an image from your page.

Replace the URL of the image the pin is on, and place this within the <HEAD></HEAD> of the page:

<meta property="og:image" content=""/>

You might even have this line of code already on each page of your site. This open graph tag is used by multiple services, including Pinterest and Facebook, to display an image with the shared content.

We recently discussed the popularity of Pinterest and since, the service has continued to grow. Because we are so enthusiastic about everyone’s penchant for pinning, here are some fun facts from the AddThis network:

  • Content is shared to Pinterest (11%) via mobile devices more than Facebook (7%) and Twitter (9%)
  • Almost 35% of all content shared to Pinterest via AddThis is food. NOM!
  • The US, UK, Canada and Australia are all the most socially engaged countries on Pinterest

Dont forget, we also support the Pinterest “Pin It” button, if that’s your preferred implementation. One of the biggest advantages of leveraging the AddThis Pinterest sharing tools is the great insights you will gain through our analytics about how your users are “pinning” your content.

Now get back to your boards, people.

  • Selcuk

    What I think you should do to add Sharing Endpoint for Pinterest.

    Pinterest button is REALLY BIG, compared to rest. We, most developers, like our buttons -inline- with each other. So we can do our custom buttons, open a popup but with analytics supplied by AddThis. like:

    Or at least like Twitter, you might do a template :)

    Oh and don’t forget Sharing Endpoint for Google+ now that we have Google+ Share for real :) ;)

  • Vitaliy Podoba

    I added pinterest button via but it generates… url. Shouldn’t it be w/o www component there? I see that Pinterest doesn’t use ‘www’ part in it’s domain name.