New site, new name, new products. It all adds up.

We’re happy to announce that Clearspring, the makers of AddThis, has officially changed its name to AddThis.  As if that isn’t enough good news, today we’re adding three other pieces to the puzzle – adding our audience products that we used to distribute via Clearspring to the AddThis suite, releasing some great new products via our newly launched website, and announcing some updated milestones.

AddThis is now used by 14 million sites, reaching 1.3 billion users monthly.   With your help, we’ve become the standard for social content sharing tools and analytics online.  The AddThis brand has come to represent social sharing, scale and simplicity.   AddThis represents where we are and where we’re going – creating a more personal and social web connecting publishers, advertisers and consumers.

AddThis powers the largest social and interest graph on the web.  The AddThis platform is loaded 3 billion times daily, generating 10 terabytes of data a day.  We’re on track to process 1 trillion page views this year alone.  We process this massive reach via our XGraph technology to map how people are connected by social ties, brand affiliation, and intent.  This real-time view of the web’s activity is incredibly powerful and puts us in a select class of companies like Facebook and Google.

AddThis’ mission is to deliver the power of this big social data back to you via easy-to-use products and services.  The audience targeting offering that we sold as Clearspring are a step towards our mission and is now available via AddThis as Social+ Audiences.  Using Social+ Audiences, advertisers and publishers can tap our social and intent graph to deliver personalized display ads to the right customers at the right time.

AddThis’ is taking another step towards our vision with our new social plugin and analytics suite.  This suite goes beyond sharing and enables site owners to engage social visitors with simple tools like follow, trending content, and welcome bar.  Like our sharing tools, these plugins are easy-to-install and come action-packed with real-time analytics.  And best of all, they are free.

Thank you to the 14 million customers that have helped get us where we are.  We’re excited to continue to serve you as AddThis!

Ramsey McGrory, CEO

  • Glad to know AddThis is official.

  • Len

    great time to be coming onboard.

  • Wow… No more confusing names ;) Love your new products and site design.

    Keep ’em coming…


  • I think the name very suited with the use and i found addthis is very usefull.

  • I’ve been a customer of AddThis for years & think your service is great! Love the new site and the new services.

  • Addthis is a wonderful service. I thank the team of Addthis for their endless help.

  • If I had studied software engineer or something like that, I would love to work in a office drinking beer and eating pizza like you!! besides working in such a good site like yours! Cheers

  • I am very pleased to have this option now added to my sites…it is less confusing and user friendly…I wish that I had discovered it much sooner but, glad to have it now. Congratulations on your name change….love it!

  • Welcome Bar Installed! Great Idea!

  • Great to see this! I’ve always integrated AddThis into my websites ever since I found out about it, and will continue to do so in the future. AddThis rules the sharing and analytics world! :D

  • Great to see this,thanks

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  • Miller

    Addthis is the best ! :)

  • Edith Thomas

    I really like your products and the new site design is great! Thanks!

  • AddThis is now used by 14 million sites. Congrate to You .


  • Mark Johnson

    the new name is very descriptive the change is an excellent move.

  • Ranera Kalpesh


  • Shahrukh pathan