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Having Long Lead in Social, Chrome Now Dominates Web Traffic

Yesterday, The Next Web reported that Chrome has surpassed Internet Explorer as the web’s most used browser. This continues a trend we’ve been watching since Chrome became the dominant browser for social users in February of this year.

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The data in this graph is presented with the percentage breakdown of browser use in the AddThis network.  IE and Chrome show a clear pattern where IE gets a higher percentage of traffic during the week but Chrome dominates the weekends.  As Chrome’s popularity increases it will be interesting to see what System Administrators do when their users start demanding Chrome in the workplace. While Chrome and IE battle each other for the top position, Firefox’s percentage of traffic is essentially flat. This may be the result of Firefox’s penetration into the workplace market and loyal user base.

Overall, the rise of Chrome in the past 6 months is impressive. The Google browser, first launched in 2008, surpassed Firefox on the AddThis network in November of last year, as we highlighted in our 2011 Sharing Trends.

With just-released data from Statcounter, it looks like Chrome is now winning the desktop browser wars. The milestone even made the browser’s Wikipedia page (clearly the measurement of all things being officially official). This news is an especially exciting development with all of the recent announcements surrounding Web Intents, which Chrome has already included in its latest release.

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  • As much as this is a story of Explorer vs. Chrome, there is also a bigger story in here when it comes to Firefox.

    Long ago one would have thought it would be Firefox that would have eclipsed Explorer’s dominance of the market, party because of the story of open source vs. big brother. However, that (and a large part of Chrome’s market share) has been coming from people moving from the firefox platform, from open source to the new big brother – and interesting development

  • Lee

    The service used for the facts above — — depends on the Web site having the code from that site on their pages, just like Google Analytics and others. It’s not really a good judge of what browsers are being used as who knows what the sites are, their monthly traffic, etc.?

  • This is very interesting news, especially the part about Firefox having a flat growth rate. One thing I’ve wondered about as a Firefox user myself, is whether the lack of add-on upgrades affects Firefox growth. Sure, they’ve got plenty of add-ons but their recent upgrades have not been backward compatible with things like Google Toolbar. I actually had to load an older version of Firefox in order to keep my Google Toolbar (which I really like). But how many people would go to that trouble? I’m guessing a lot of people would switch browsers.


  • Lee

    Why is my comment still awaiting moderation while people are posting after me? Is it because I questioned the stats?

  • Kori Hill

    Hey Lee, not at all! You are more than welcome to question any of the stats posted here. :) Not sure if or how any comments got moderated before yours did. Sorry for the delay!

  • it’s true that chrome has been worth considering choices for browsing the internet since it came out in 2008 because it little bit faster and lighter in loading a page. it might be the reason people choose chrome instead firefox. but i still like firefox better because it has many addons feature that i use alot in my activity.

  • Henning Visser

    The battle is for third place! Can you officialy announce second and third standing in one of biggest number pushing games in history? My money is on IE in third.

  • Tony

    I’m a google GUY BUT IF LOOKING for raw Speed use Opera screw the add on’s