AddThis Improved Pinterest Experience Shows 20% Increase in Shares

Pinterest has taken the web by storm, and site owners and page developers have been quick to integrate Pinterest sharing features into their site. Today we’re excited to release what we think is the best and easiest way for pages to integrate Pinterest sharing. We’re not just bragging here… let us prove it!

AddThis now lets sites integrate Pinterest sharing with one simple code snippet and no additional configuration requirements. What makes this special? Developers don’t need to worry about specific configuration to specify images for their pages — something that can be challenging with other tools, including Pinterest’s. Include AddThis, and Pinterest will “just work”.

For example, put AddThis onto any page you want to make pinnable, and AddThis will help visitors choose a suitable image to share. If you already have a specific image in mind, you can always specify that as well. Here’s an example:

And the best part? A test before launch showed a 20% growth in shares.

While on the topic of numbers, we’ve made no secret about the popularity of Pinterest on the AddThis network. Some additional stats:

  • People following brands on Pinterest has increased 26% in the last month.
  • Over 50% of sharing on pinterest via mobile comes from iPad.
  • On average sharing via mobile to Pinterest breaks down to 55% iPad, 17% iPhone, 28% Android versus the network at 35% iPhone, 35% iPad and 30% Android
  • Pinterest users are less tech savvy favoring the browsers that ship with their computer versus installing Firefox or Chrome.
  • In May, referral traffic from Pinterest was higher by 30% than Twitter across the AddThis network.
  • In June, sharing to Pinterest has passed Tumblr and Google +1.
  • Sharing to Pinterest is 6% greater than Tumblr and 7% greater than Google +1.
  • Pinterest dominates in English speaking countries (US, UK, CA, AU).  The top most country that shares via Pinterest that is not English speaking is India, followed by Brazil and Germany.

With numbers that like that, it’s crazy not to give your users easy access to sharing to Pinterest – and now with our easy integration, you have no excuse!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about any of the AddThis suite of tools!

  • Thank you, finally! It works : )

  • Unfortunately I spoke too soon, some pages crash in FF when the Pinit button loads…………..

  • If AddThis is helping with Pinterest shares, why isn’t it part of the AddThis share buttons on this page above “Leave a Reply”?

  • Al

    How about a pin counter. Would love to just use this but the pin count on a page looks good and makes people more likely to pin something…you know…like sheep.

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  • this is a great opportunity, really, to just dip into the pinterest community by simply allowing your users to see this button and pin images, and the image selection popup is a really sweet thing, simply offers to pick one of the images from the page, – very nice tool, very good functionality, all thought through. well, almost all. i would really love a way to disable pinning on some of the images, to be specific – icons, tiny interface images that i use, donate image-button, etc, i.e. all the tiny little icons that honestly look ridiculous when they are enlarged to the “2-per-row” popup selection screen. first of all they really look ugly when shown that huge, but secondly noone will ever pin them, so basically i’d like a way to disable some of the images to be offered for pinning. otherwise it’s an amazing tool and i am happy with it! =)

    thanks for all you’re doing, guys, seriously the best sharing tool on the web!

  • m.ozen

    Nice. I would also like to have it as a floating menu with a counter.

  • I agree great addition to the lineup – also the above suggestions would be on my list as well – a counter and more importantly a way to not show certain images. Maybe not show anything under a certain pixel size perhaps by default.

  • Mark Johnson

    Pinterest is far more user friendly than the other big networks so simple to use.