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  • Melissa Brown

    I like to use this website it help me alot

  • http://bit.ly/PYU5Jq Fahad

    Hi Jim,

    In future, do you have any plans to make your buttons visually more attractive? I would love to see it happening.

  • http://www.rledesign.com.au Ricky Esteb

    Was searching for a share plugin on word press and now i don’t think i will ever use anything else. thanks for the awesome work.

  • Wilson

    Addthis is fine, but we hace one script for each funtion:

    one script for A
    one script for B
    one script for C

    I think that one only script is good for all.

  • http://www.techmfg.com Bruce Orcutt

    This is a very buggy site. The View More button does not work.
    The report shows results mixed with my own that are not mine!
    “Why Plymouth Bay
    I have had AddThis account for years (10 or so?) and last week was the first email report I have ever seen. It has one of my websites on it http://www.thelakepizza.com which I don’t really care about but nothing on my large site (± 10000 visits a month.) Don’t see anyway to find this tracking information (for the last 10+ years or so.)
    I submitted a question but have no idea when, where, or how the answer is going to be posted.
    Is there anyway to get help? get an answer? I would really like to get this information, or I’ll just take your buttons off of my sites, because I have no idea what they are doing.
    Your support system is pretty useless.
    Will I ever get a response from you? and if so WHEN and WHERE?
    Bruce Orcutt

  • http://jimlaneuxd.blogspot.com/ Jim Lane

    Hi Bruce, I’ve forwarded your message to our support team. Thank you for using AddThis on your sites!

  • http://jimlaneuxd.blogspot.com/ Jim Lane

    Thanks for the feedback, Wilson.

  • http://jimlaneuxd.blogspot.com/ Jim Lane

    Hi Fahad, I sent you an email asking for more information. Thanks for using AddThis!

  • http://www.marykay.com/ptallman2 Patricia Tallman

    OMG I am totally confused, not being very computer literate and cyber challenged I tried to add this network sharing to my Mary Kay website as this is where I came in contact with this sharing. OK I got the code i copied it now what do I do with it.
    I have a Twitter, FB and Linked IN, also Plaxo and Pinterest. Is there a tututorial on what to do now I have copied the4 code. I need Help!

  • http://www.elmalakrx.com/Arabic Mamdouh

    I’ve been using Addthis WordPress plugin for some time now, and I am really happy with it and keep recommending it to friends.
    I’ve also recently installed the two new plugins, Follow and welcome bar, and just wanted to confirm that they play nicely together, I mean are they designed to be used together without any conflicts or repeating scripts?

    One last thing, I’ve noticed a bug between Addthis WordPress plugin and Google Adsense, and I’ve posted a support request on your site here, but still haven’t heard back from your staff about how to solve it.


  • http://www.costumersnetwork.com Terry

    Any plans on an easier way to style the floating bars? Many sites are using addThis is a very unique way which I’d like to do on mine but styling is a nightmare. One important thing would be for the floating (vertical) bar to be “relative” to the content. As it is not all we can so is move it up/down or left right but in a “fixed” position. When a customer scrolls down and they then click on the “share or +” button the menu appears off the site, i.e. above the bar and off the screen.

    I have seen some very creative uses but trying to mimic it is, for a non-programmer or novice programmer, extremely complected.


  • Gopi

    Any idea why the URL gets appended with # like this – /leadership/index.aspx#.UHembW83uSo – when Addthis is added to the website? This is undesirable and I can’t use the tool because of this. Please help.

  • simon


    How do I get the twitter results back on the summary screen, it’s been replaced by a trending content box?