NoVA UX meetup: Learning about eye-tracking research

At AddThis, we’re always excited to participate in local events where technology professionals connect and collaborate, such as Refresh DC and our own Big Data DC meetup. Since our headquarters are based in Northern Virginia and I didn’t see any local UX-oriented get-togethers, I thought it would be fun to organize a new design and user experience meetup group called NoVA UX.

At our first event Jon West of LC Technologies provided a hands-on demo of the Eyegaze eye-tracking system. After a quick overview describing how eye-tracking research works, the group got to try out the system for themselves. Jon even demonstrated how eye-tracking systems can be used to allow people to type using only their eyes – it’s easier than it sounds!

If you’re interested in interface design, visual design, usability, or one of the many other disciplines relevant to user experience, and are local to the DC metro/northern Virginia area, come check out our next event on August 16th. We look forward to seeing you there.